HPD vs. Hippies: The Day San Francisco Acid-Rock Stormed the Sam Houston Coliseum

Courtesy of Bruce Kessler/RockinHouston.com
A ticket stub from the "Rock Jubilee" at the Sam Houston Coliseum
Imagine a bill where California country-rockers the Byrds are the opener on a four-band bill. On October 5, 1969 at the Sam Houston Coliseum, Roger McGuinn and company twanged and pounded their way through a set that included most of their hits including "You Ain't Going Nowhere," "Mr. Tambourine Man," "So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star" and an ear-jamming extended psychedelic fuzz-tone burn through "Eight Miles High."

They were followed by Poco, the hot new thing that came along quickly after Richie Furay's departure from the disintegrating Buffalo Springfield. Furay and Jim Messina put a bit more pre-Eagles pop in their California twang thing than the Byrds did, and the band delivered a note-perfect set. But fact of the matter was, not many of us came to see either the Byrds or Poco.

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Where Is Lil Wayne In the Lyrical Hot Water Hall of Fame?

Proving that it is almost never wise to compare the results of rough sex to Emmett Till's face, Lil Wayne was dropped from his Mountain Dew campaign last week. Emmett Till, for those of you who aren't familiar, was a 14-year-old boy who was beaten to death, shot, and dumped in the river for whistling at a white woman in Mississippi in 1955.

I would have thought it was a no-brainer, the idea that society does not condone comparing anatomical parts with the face of a victim of a horrific racial crime, but indeed it was not. The controversial lyrics that cost Weezy his contract were taken from a remix of Future's "Karate Chop," which leaked onto the interwebs in February of this year. During Lil Wayne's part, the rapper proclaims that he'll "Pop a lot of pain pills/ 'Bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels/ Beat that pussy up like Emmett Till."

Classy, I know. Sorry about the visual.

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An Interlude In Coachella Jail

Ed. Note: This is part of our sister papers LA Weekly and OC Weekly's coverage of the Coachella festival's just-concluded second weekend.

cops at coachella.jpg
Creative Commons
We told you earlier about the ways folks try to sneak drugs into Coachella. Also, we told you about how to avoid trouble with the police. But what if, despite your best efforts, you're arrested? Or even taken to Coachella jail? Yes, it is a real place.

We got the story on it from a guy we'll call Derek, who was arrested for possession of pot and cocaine in 2009. It went down like this:

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Slip Slidin' Away: My Life as a Rock Journalist With the Houston Press

Photo by Marc Brubaker
The author watching Free Energy at Fitz in 2011.
I had a hernia operation in the early summer of 2006, and had nothing to do all day but hobble around with cool cane a borrowed from Grandpa Hlavaty and play on the Internets for two months or so.

I had developed the injury while working at Domino's, but it was cool because their insurance helped pay for it, and the cool pills that came with the painful surgery.

That summer while trolling around on Craigslist for stray local writing gigs, I saw that then Houston Press music editor John Nova Lomax had put out a call for freelance music writers.


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KTSU DJ Arrested for Suspected Credit Card Fraud

michael-whitfield 0109.jpg
Michael Whitfield's mug shot, as posted on Fox 26's Isiah Carey's Site
According to a tweet from Fox 26 reporter Isiah Carey late this afternoon, KTSU radio volunteer Michael Whitfield was arrested earlier Wednesday and could face up to 300 counts of credit card fraud for stealing radio-station donors' pledge sheets and opening credit cards in their names.

Earlier this week, sources who wished to remain anonymous already told the Houston Press that a KTSU radio station volunteer disc jockey with six years' experience was being questioned about multiple cases of credit card fraud perpetrated through the station's fund drives.

Monday afternoon, TSU president Dr. John Rudley did not return the Press's call to his office seeking confirmation and details.

Just minutes prior to Carey's tweet, we received another communication from a former station employee, who said that he had spoken to persons on campus today who reported that law-enforcement agents had arrived on the campus and had seized KTSU financial records.

This source, long associated with the university and the station, speculated the latest scandal would at a minimum lead to the dismissal of station manager Donna Franklin. "It was on her watch and she wasn't watching," the source said.

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Lil Flip Arrested In Louisiana On Gun, Drug Charges

Thumbnail image for Flip June 28.JPG
Photo by Marco Torres
Wednesday, Lil Flip made the news. Not for releasing a comeback single to regain his footing as one of Houston's first breakout rap stars post-2000, but for being jailed.

According to the Shreveport Times, the 31-year old rapper was arrested near Shreveport, La., Wednesday after deputies found a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle and marijuana in his 2010 Dodge Challenger. The Times said Flip was pulled over after being clocked doing 86 mph in a 75 mph zone.

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Jerry Lee Lewis & the 10 Raddest Musician Arrests of All Time

arrest jerry lee.jpg
This man kills pianos.
Thirty-six years ago this week, security at Graceland, Elvis Presley's Memphis manse, called the police to come deal with an unwanted visitor. A drunk, gun-waving lunatic in a brand-new, white Lincoln Continental was blocking the compound's drive and causing a hell of a ruckus at three in the morning.

That lunatic was none other than the Killer: Jerry Lee Lewis, the "Great Balls of Fire" hit-maker and Elvis' compatriot in Sun Record's Million Dollar Quartet. After a night on the town, the rock and roll pioneer decided he wanted an audience with the King and drove on over to his old acquaintance's home just before 3 a.m. on November 23, 1976.

Lewis evidently became belligerent after being informed that Elvis was sleeping, and the Graceland staff figured the .38 Derringer he was brandishing was probably as loaded as he was. Harold Lloyd, Elvis' cousin and head of security, called the cops and claimed later to have done so at Presley's behest. Whether Elvis was ever informed of the Killer's early-morning visit or not, the incident instantly became one of the wildest and most amusing rock and roll arrests of all time.

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For Crimes Against the Dancefloor, 5 DJs Enter EDM Kangaroo Court

Like any style of music with more than 15 fans, EDM has its artists that people love to hate. You don't get to a million followers on Twitter without gathering a few haters along the way, and no matter how many fans you have, it seems like the minority is always more vocal.

That's not to say these opposing voices are wrong. In fact, some of them make very good points.

Today we look at five of our favorite EDM acts, the cases against them, and the punishments they should receive, if this were an actual court of law. Please rise -- kangaroo court is now in session.

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Suspect Arrested In Fatal Shooting That Also Wounded Trae Tha Truth

Trae LLD July 5.jpg
LowLifeDynasty on Twitter
Trae at Memorial Hermann Southwest hospital after the shooting
Trae Tha Truth Releases Statement on Wednesday's ABN Shooting

HPD Releases ABN Shooting Report: Poppa C Was Target

Reports: ABN's Dinky D, Poppa C Shot Dead Outside Strip Club:

A Houston Rap-Related Shooting Timeline

Houston Police have arrested a suspect in the shooting that killed three people and wounded two others, including rapper Trae Tha Truth, outside the Diamond Club cabaret on Westpark Dr. early in the morning of June 20.

Feanyichi E. Uvukansi, 24, was arrested Tuesday afternoon and is charged with capital murder, HPD spokesman Kese Smith said. KHOU reported that Uvukansi has a history of multiple drug and assault charges and is being held without bond.

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Me Gustan Los Estudiantes: The Music of "Yo Soy 132"

Mexican musicians and artists have helped lead the "Yo Soy 132" movement into the final week before the July 1 presidential election, and the protestors show no sign of stopping even if the frontrunner they're fighting against is elected.

Young Mexican voters began the "Yo Soy 132" movement in May to support the democratization of the country and its media. The campaign was a direct response to a college visit from presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto, who has been linked to media corruption. His political party, PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party), has a rich authoritarian history.

While Peña Nieto was state governor from 2005 to 2011, it was alleged that he gave millions of dollars to Televisa, one of the two corporations that monopolize the Mexican media. Yo Soy 132 supporters argue that Televisa and Azteka 1 have manipulated information during the election process.

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