The Complete SXSW Overflow Festival 2013 Guide: Week 2, Part 2

The Witherees
We've rounded the bend to the last few days of Super Happy Fun Land's SXSW Overflow Festival 2013. There are only a few acts left, so get down there!


Stanley and the Search: "I would describe our sound as half punk and half indie with a sprinkle of Melody," says bass player Omar Loera. 9 p.m.

Alien Knife Fight: "Gothic blues" from Austin. 10 p.m.

Dead Mineral: Self-described as "instrumental psychedelic self-indulgent rock," this quartet just wants you to have a good time and drink from their free keg. 11 p.m.

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Super Happy's Festival Overflows SXSW Itself

Photos by Altamese Osborne
It sure is hard seeing over... no one.
Oh, Super Happy Fun Land. Can't live without you; can't get inside you...

Despite becoming one of our favorite weeknight music haunts, Tuesday evening wasn't the first time we'd found ourselves sitting in front of the darkened, locked doors of the venue, staring absent-mindedly into the East End and contemplating a Flakey's Pizza from the food truck out back.

Whereas Monday's installment of the venue's SXSW Overflow Festival made a respectable showing, Tuesday's event fell victim to a couple of coincidental mishaps: the cancellation of two scheduled bands -- they start to fizzle out after SXSW is over, we overhead owner Brian Arthur telling a curious attendee -- and a nonexistent crowd, which caused the doors to open a little later than expected. So at approximately 6:30 p.m., we were the only ones there -- well, us and an ear-splitting train that made its way 'round the bend every hour or so.

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The Best Hip-Hop at SXSW 2013

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Photos by Marco Torres
Snoop Lion premiered his movie, Reincarnated, at this year's festival... then rocked Lionfest at the Viceland showcase with Major Lazer.
I remember going to SXSW a few years ago without a place to sleep, less than $100 to spend, no agenda, badge, wristband, or RSVP. I bar-hopped up and down Red River, made friends, snuck into Stubb's, ate cheese pizza and drank Lone Star.

After years of busting my ass as a music photographer and writer, I've been upgraded to staying at the Hilton, carrying a music badge around my neck, and getting exclusive access and invites to the kind of parties, showcases, and backstages that most people can only dream about.

And you know what? Both experiences are equally amazing and fulfilling. Here is my list of the Best Shows of SXSW 2013:

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Austin, SXSW

The Complete SXSW Overflow Festival 2013 Guide: Week 2, Part 1

Sugar Baron
Ready for another week of the SXSW Overflow Festival 2013 at Super Happy Fun Land? Check out the first half of the second week's musical acts!

Embers in Ashes: Their single, "Then You Came," connects a metallic, thrashing chorus to a surprising series of mildly sung verses. 6 p.m.

Sky Is Falling: Extremely hardcore rock, per their YouTube video, "The Only Way to Beat a Camper Is By Camping." It should make for an interesting show. 7 p.m.

Suns: Their debut, When We Were Suns, has just been released. Check it out here. 8 p.m.

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The 10 Worst Things at SXSW This Year

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This year Rocks Off and DC-9 at Night, the music blog at our sister paper Dallas Observer, teamed up to bring you only the most unfortunate moments from last week's SXSW madness.

Corgan SXSW MT 0317.jpg
Photos by Marco Torres
Somebody somewhere really did not want us to see Smashing Pumpkins at SXSW.
Security and Cops Gettin' Wild: Look, I get it. Every drunken dickhead in town "knows someone" or thinks he has pull at the door, but that doesn't mean the hammer goes down on everyone. I was stopped by two cops who didn't want me to walk 50 yards from where the Smashing Pumpkins would be playing an hour hence, for unknown reasons.

And then when you want to play the whimpering "I have a SXSW badge, though" card, you feel like a choad and don't. I don't know what function preventing people from walking in the middle of a closed street had, but I hope it somehow saved thousands of lives. CRAIG HLAVATY

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The Best Shows at SXSW This Year

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This year Rocks Off and DC-9 at Night, the music blog at our sister paper Dallas Observer, teamed up to bring you only the choicest moments from last week's SXSW madness.

Fogerty SXSW CH 0317.JPG
Photo by Craig Hlavaty
John Fogerty: Creedence Clearwater Revival survivor John Fogerty gets overlooked as a riff-happy rocker, with most people concentrating on his good-time Americana rock and roll instead of the volume addict in flannel that he is. Saturday night Fogerty and his band ran through nearly every CCR hit, and even played 1985 solo hit "Centerfield," complete with a guitar fashioned after a baseball bat. Or was it a baseball bat fashioned into a guitar?

Either way, I saw a cloud of smoke erupt during "Lookin' Out My Back Door", a sight that would make Jeff Lebowski smile that beardy smile. And honestly a show with True Believers (Alejandro Escovedo's lost '80s band), Junior Brown, and Bobby Bare Sr. as support was just a slice of all right. By the way, True Believers were delightfully loud, and their return to the stage is welcome. CRAIG HLAVATY

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Once Again, SXSW Really Stands For Sex By Southwest

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sxsw-mack 0317.jpg
Photo by Marco Torres
Hands up, everyone who thinks dude in the middle scored at SXSW.
"All the single dudes put up your phone. Now all the single ladies put up your phone. Turn to the nearest person with a phone up. Now type in your phone number. Now you have something to do after this."

That was Chuck D, talking from the Doritos Main Stage. Or at least I think it was Chuck D. I was just passing by on the street and I couldn't see through the green mesh set up on the fence.

A lot of SXSW is experienced that way: in passing. People are looking for something new, for something that impresses them. Bands? Yes. "Professional" networking connections? Oh so exhaustingly, yes.

And also, you will not be surprised to hear, hookups. SXSW is the Olympic Village of music dorks, right down to the complimentary condoms everywhere. In three days, I was offered more than a dozen.

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The 10 Dumbest Things Overheard at SXSW This Year

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SXSW Swag 0316 1.jpg
Photos by Marco Torres
Swag is rampant again at SXSW this year.
For every insightful conversation I have heard or had at SXSW over the years, whether it was talking to Matt Pinfield while walking the streets of Austin discussing David Bowie, or telling The Clash's Mick Jones that he was, in fact, in The Clash, I have overheard a thousand awful ones.

Years of eavesdropping on troglodytes trying to talk "shop," or listening to people with horrid musical opinions waxing poetic about a band that should have been aborted, should have hardened me to humanity in Austin, but instead I just keep trying harder to listen.

For blog's sake, of course.

Here are some of the dumbest, most dogshit things I have heard so far this SXSW. Where applicable, I will fill you in on the locales and circumstances.

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10 Signs Your Band Won't Make It at SXSW

Categories: SXSW

Photo By Craig Hlavaty
With more work, maybe Dave Grohl (seated on drums) can finally find success in the music business.
Being a successful musician really has to be a slice of heaven. And of course the chicks are great.

It's why from the beginning of time, men (and women) have taken up instruments, for the chance that they will be played in front of many, many others, some of whom could possibly want to have sex with them. Oh, and money is a factor, too.

Even guys like Bon Iver get mad tail, and he basically weeps for two hours onstage.

But alas, not everyone will make it in the cruel music biz, that slurring, drunken sea-bitch of an industry.

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The Complete SXSW Overflow Festival 2013 Guide: Week 1, Part 2

This year Rocks Off would like to help our readers get a handle on all the acts playing Super Happy Fun Land's SXSW Overflow Fest, an event that is longer than SXSW itself, with almost as many bands. There are nine nights left to go, and "season passes" are still available. See for details.

The Glorious Veins

NCM: Alternative. Punk rock. Folk. From Brooklyn. Need we say more? 6:45 p.m.

WFC: The name is short for "Who Fucking Cares," so that may give you an idea of what to expect from this St. Louis-based punk/hardcore outfit. 7:30 p.m.

Better Days: "We are fast, melodic, positive hardcore," says drummer Travis Schaeffer. "It's something you'd work out to." 8 p.m.

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