My Son Won't Accept My New Man. Help!

Welcome to Ask Willie D, Rocks Off's advice column where the Geto Boys MC answers reader questions about matters, in his own words, "funny, serious or unpredictable." Something on your mind? Ask Willie D!

Photo by Mario Jaramillo

Dear Willie D:

I messed up big time, man. I'm involved in a three-year relationship outside of my marriage that has unintentionally produced a child. What's worse is that my wife has wanted to get pregnant for some time now, but I told her we should wait.

I feel guilty for not being able to announce to the world that I'm a father and who my son is. Moreover, I really feel bad about betraying my wife's trust. Knowing that I cheated is one thing, but if she found out that I also share a child with my mistress it would hurt her to no end. I have been struggling with the notion of revealing my deception intensely over the past several days.

I don't want to lose my wife. At the same time she needs to know the truth. Should I reveal my secret and if so, how do I explain my infidelity in a way that she will forgive me, and accept my son who is innocent in all of this?

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Kanye

Screengrab/NBC's #SNL40
Kanye's unfair criticism.
Not to go full Giuliani here, but I too must admit something I feel horrible for saying. I've possibly been judging Kanye West's recent art by one of the worst criteria of all, namely the company he keeps.

Specifically, Kim and the Kardashian fold. As hard as West has worked to float to the top, I've somehow deemed his in-laws a dense weight that threatens to pull him down to not-very-deep depths.

This is a terrible confession to have to make, primarily because any artist deserves better but also because if one is able to regularly share thoughts about music, it's best to focus on the music. This task becomes trickier if the musicians we follow are also celebrities whose exploits are documented and can be polarizing; see Kanye as Jesus on a magazine cover or his "Bush doesn't care about black people" comments.

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The Single Life: Doeman Elevates; Lyric Michelle Gets Personal

Photo by Marco Torres
Doeman performs at Fitzgerald's during the recent "Republic of Texas" tour.
What the hell is a mixtape?

Before this column goes any further, we need to have a heart-to-heart discussion on what counts as an EP, a mixtape and an album. I've long tried to justify getting a full swath of music by length and cost. For example, Drake just gifted the world with a 17-track new tape that sold more than 500,000 copies in four days. You can pay $12.99 for it. Drake also asked up rather sheepishly, "How do you like my mixtape?"

Mixtape? Mixtape? Look, the last time I legitimately paid for a mixtape was on the back of a school bus in tenth grade, and it was an old Swishahouse compilation. That was before the Internet really took ahold of things and the idea of a mixtape was more that of a free sampler of music before the album came out. It was free promotion. Hell, a free mixtape started the phrase "the mixtape was better," and we hastily lobbed that title at Jadakiss, Big Sean and others.

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Roosh Williams Is Your New Favorite Rapper

Photos courtesy of Big Hassle Media
For the first time as long as I've known Roosh Williams, he's late.

Actually he's struggling with finding the building where we're supposed to meet. When it rains in Houston, things grind to a halt, double when it's cold. Williams has always looked a bit like a Persian prince, a good-looking guy with a square chin and either some stubble or a full-on beard. Yet when he finally pulls into DJ Supastar's Spin Academy near the Medical Center, he looks, well, square.

"The hair's kinda a new thing I'm doing, a renewal," Williams says with a laugh.

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OG Bobby Trill Starts From Scratch for Thre3style Set

photo by Marco Torres
OG Bobby Trill won the Houston Qualifier of the 2013 Red Bull Thre3style, and returns this Saturday to compete in the 2015 edition of the DJ championship.
To know Rosbel Hinojosa is to know a real vato. Someone who will sit down with you and talk about life and family and food and music, all while making you cry of laughter due to the crazy impressions and stories that stem from his comedic arsenal. You will also know a successfull music producer and turntablist with a natural stage presence that makes each show exceptional. But above all, you will know a friend.

Hinojosa is better known as Bobby, as in OG Bobby Trill, El OGT (Oh-Heh-Teh). He is onefourth of Bombón, Houston's Ultimate Tropical Dance Party, which continues to thrown down the first Saturday of every month at Fox Hollow. Back in 2013, Bobby won the Houston qualifier of the Red Bull Thre3style DJ Championships, and is back to rep Houston in the 2015 edition of the competition. We sat down with the DJ to speak about Saturday's event.

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I Cheated on My Man to Get Even. Help!

Welcome to Ask Willie D, Rocks Off's advice column where the Geto Boys MC answers reader questions about matters, in his own words, "funny, serious or unpredictable." Something on your mind? Ask Willie D!

Photo by Mario Jaramillo

Dear Willie D:

My daughter has moved away to attend university abroad and won't be back until summer 2015. A few days ago we talked on Skype, and she said that she don't want any of her clothes and to give them away. At the time I agreed to give her clothes away I wasn't thinking about selling them. The idea sort popped up in my head today.

I know of a place where I can take her clothes to sell them on consignment, but I'm feeling guilty for trying to sell them since they are her clothes. At the same time she told me she didn't want them anymore, so why not sell them and turn a profit? If I do sell them, should I give my daughter a share of the profits even though she gave the clothes to me to dispose of and I would have done all the work to sell everything?

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Drake's Surprise Album Raises His Game Further Still

Photo by Marco Torres
Shown during last year's Houston Appreciation Weekend, Drake inserts plenty of Bayou City tags into new surprise album If You're Reading This...
Last Thursday night was Drake night. Again.

A year after the Toronto rapper not only stamped his name as hip-hop's current king with a tour of his Nothing Was the Same album and a virtual parade in his honor in Houston last June, the rapper decided the time was right to release a surprise mix-album upon fans.

The record is entitled If You're Reading This It's Too Late It's cryptic, almost the most Drake-ish title since his "Would You Like a Tour?" set of shows two years ago. It's also not free, like any traditional mixtape, whereas about six years ago Drake had the most significant changing-of-the-guard free release with So Far Gone. He's about maximization in the age of the millennial, always to be seen, heard and thought of. If he knows he can drop a random tape on iTunes and it'll go gold in a matter of four days, he'll do so. He's that confident these days.

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BeatKing Strikes Again for Valentine's Day

After a successful trial run in 2014, the New Houston Rap column is back. Sure, we took a bit of time in between weeks because of the NFL playoffs and Houston, like much of the rap world at large, took a bit of a break, but things have become wide-open these past two weeks.

You see, a project from BeatKing is now readily available. And Slim Thug has put out one of a purported four albums set to drop this year. And OneHunnidt finally gave the people his next logical step as a rapper. And Young G and O.N.E. and...look, the point has pretty much been made. Houston rap doesn't want to stop in 2015, doesn't want to sleep, doesn't want to capsize or run into a goddamn iceberg.

Or made Super Bowl Sunday ads if you're Mike Jones. Or train to be a future WWE wrestler in RiFF RaFF. Point is, the New Houston Rap column isn't situated to just a day. Which makes it so fun. Let's dig around here first.

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Republic of Texas Rappers Vow "Come and Take It"

Photos by Marco Torres
The lights shone brightly for Doeman and the rest of the Republic of Texas Tour's roster Sunday at Fitzgerald's.
Republic of Texas Tour
Feat. GT Garza, Doeman, Dustin Cavazos & Dro FÉ
February 8, 2015

There was a moment last night where I felt a cold rush through my spine, a feeling of equal parts amazement and fear. Onstage stood Doeman, a young Mexicano from Southeast Houston with a boxer's swagger and a vicious vocal arsenal. He was in the middle of performing "How Can I Lose" with Propain, and both the crowd onstage and offstage were jumping and rapping and pretty much causing an earthquake, when I swear I felt the ground below me buckle.

We all survived the show and will live to tell the tale of one of the craziest nights in Fitzgerald's history, which featured four young Latino artists on the rise. From moody to merciless, studio to street, the Republic of Texas Tour told the realities of life through the lyrics of Doeman, Dro Fe, Dustin Cavazos and GT Garza. Choosing beats and stories as their weapon, they provided a powerful assault.

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Mike Jones Has Another Surprise Hit: A Lawyer Ad

"He gone get you right, whatever it is."
-- Mike Jones in Georgia attorney Mark Jones' TV commercial.

Mike Jones, from here to Albuquerque had one of the first "original" meme's of the hip-hop Internet age. His repetition of "Who Is..?" was the "Got Milk" of it's day. A new commercial that ran on Super Bowl Sunday in a small market in Georgia is like a sketch from an episode of Saturday Night Live. But who's judging? Get back your name recognition any way you can. Some people have the Super Bowl halftime show, others have rap Stans who made good.

And that's what happened to Jones. A Georgia lawyer named Mark Jones spent $50,000 to bring the H-town rap legend in to film one of those shot-on-video commercials that lawyers often get on television. While it might seem like Mike Who? is slumming for bread, it's a great move to get his name back out there, how else would he have gotten writeups on the all the major hip-hop Web sites and MTV?

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