Parisian EVIL MOISTURE Mastermind Teaches Us Some Russian Prison Slang

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We're not really sure what's going on here, but it looks like fun. And possibly illegal.

Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose...

AB: Andy Bolus... EVIL MOISTURE. I am an artist, musician, and builder of machines among other things.

RE: Where are you currently located?

AB: Paris France since about 11 years, but on and off in Japan.

RE: Where before that?

AB: UK before that, I moved around quite a lot there.

RE: What made you move out of the UK?

AB: Many reasons. Living in Europe is better for finding (paid) shows and exhibitions, and over all that I feel it's important for creativity to be removed as far as possible from your roots. So I just thought why not? Nothing to lose, and I dont regret it... SATAN SATAN SATAN!!! Also, new languages open new doors in the mind.

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Radar Eyes: WFMU Music Director Brian Turner Talks Yoko, SXSW, KISS, Rusted Shut And The Diceman

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Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose...

Brian Turner: Brian Turner, WFMU Music Director, Jersey City

RE: What are you wearing?

BT: A Sir Mix-A-Lot promotional construction hardhat and my Rusted Shut black tee.

RE:Rubber dress or leather dress?

BT: Michelin man tire suit.

RE: No panties please!!!! So what's going on with the station right now?

BT: Wow, well, we are raising funds to keep going another year. It's the 2010 Marathon. Two weeks, ending March 14. completely nonprofit here. No underwriting, money tied to the man with strings attached.

RE: We do this every year, and it's what keeps us going.

BT: It's a crazy two weeks. Lots of tag-team DJs, prizes, we have a ton of swag. KISS' manager just pulled up this morning and brought a big box of coffee table books and signed stuff... In fact, he loves the station!

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Radar Eyes: Psychic TV Founder's Manager, Label Owner And "Avant Career Weirdo" Ryan Martin

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Ryan Martin (left) and Psychic TV's Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose...

Ryan Martin: Ryan Martin, artist, musician, writer, avant career weirdo.

RE: What have you been working on most lately?

RM: Lately, I have been focusing my energies on my management work with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, who has had a hectic past year and even crazier year coming up, lots of exhibitions and books to look forward to. I've also been working on tracks for a few limited tape releases on Period Tapes, House of Alchemy and Hanson Records.

RE: And you also have something to do with Dais Records, right?

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Radar Eyes: Exterminating Angels' Shaun Kelly Spreads The Carnage Of Weird Houston

Rotten Piece has been one of Houston's most adventurous experimental/noise-rock /psychedelic/time-lag/hallucinated/film-munch/ continent-hopping units for 20 years. As we just found out during the course of this interview, their upcoming record release will be one of the LAST chances you'll get to see them perform as a Texan act. Prepare your Jesus juice for the release of Exile on 23rd St.

Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose.

Shaun Kelly: name: rotten piece (aka shaun kelly)

purpose: mess with peoples heads

RE: How long have you been messing with these poor nuttaz?

SK: I have been causing trouble as rotten piece since 1990, and i don't plan to stop anytime soon.

RE: So what's this about a new release?

SK: Exile On 23rd St. on Lazy Squid Industries. It will be released next week, and I will be playing a show Sat Feb 27 at Super Happy Fun Land to celebrate. It's a big ugly CD that blurs the lines between noise and rock. I recorded it with Scott Ayers and the guys from Homopolice June-Sept 2009.

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The Return of Radar Eyes: Dull Knife Records Owner Brent Tipton

DULL KNIFE AD 12 2008 NEGA.jpg
Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose.

Brent Tipton: My name is Brent, and I am curator of Dull Knife.

RE: You've been releasing music by underground recording artists from Houston and beyond for about three years now it seems! What are you guys all about and why do you do it?

BT: Dull Knife recently turned two years old. We're about releasing music we feel strongly about and showcasing it to a worldwide audience, though it didn't necessarily begin that way.

RE: What was your original intention?

BT: The original intention was to release a Hearts of Animals record that people outside of Houston would get to hear. I thought she had a side to her music at times that was very unique and would definitely interest people. Once that record came out, I realized how much I enjoyed the process, and decided to do some more records for local bands. But I didn't want the label to get stuck with the stigma of "local label," so I made an effort to find other unknown bands in other cities to work with.

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How About Some SXSW Day Parties? A LOT of SXSW Day Parties?

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We here at Rocks Off are only about a week away from chafed inner thighs, weird Japanese punk bands puking in hotel pools and sweating out our morning mojitos while walking to an art space off 4th Street.

South By Southwest is now only a week away. It was all fun and games in December when we were posting our little suppositions of who would be playing, but now this shit is serious.

In addition to all the nightly mess, SXSW is also a great place to get loaded on the cheap during the day. Not to mention all the free cigarettes for those of us still giving our lungs the finger. All the live music at night is more than likely badge or wristband only, and in the Great Recession it's not easy to shell out a mortgage payment for a badge, or even two cell-phone bills for a wristband.

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Radar Eyes: Hangin' With the Homopolice

Hello and welcome back to Radar Eyes. I've been away for the last three weeks...

Our Focus = Underground/ Unreleased/ Underexposed/ Misunderstood/ Unappreciated/ Etc., etc.

I am Chemical Mange.

R.I.P. Sandor Benczedi.

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Rosa Guerrero
Welcome Beau Beasley of Homopolice, Heavy Leather Records, etc.

Radar Eyes: You are a Houston music institution and an ultra fan of Leather Ways... State your name and purpose!

Beau Beasley: My name is Beau Beasley. I am fan of leather and terrible music. The only purpose I have is to waste my hard-earned money on music that I enjoy and expect to lose money on it.

RE: So you're the man "behind" the recent onslaught of Homopolice media?

BB: Yes, and all other homosexual punk activities in this town. That's me.

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Radar Eyes: Peeking Under Shakes Gown

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RE rolls piano.jpg


Chris Rolls is the mastermind behind the high-energy San Francisco music machine known as Shakes Gown.

radar eyes logo 3.jpgRadar Eyes: Name, social security no., purpose for living, etc.

Shakes Gown: Chris Rolls, and my purpose is to procreate... or so I have been told...

RE: And you also record music, am I right?

SG: Yes, I record, produce, compose, perform and release music which I have been doing since junior high... but not in earnest since I moved to San Francisco in 1998.

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Radar Eyes: Digging Ditchwater and More

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[Radar Eyes is a new recurring feature, peering at the underground from the unique mind of Indian Jewelry/Future Blondes shredder Domokos Benczedi. Proceed at your own risk... just kidding. Enjoy.]

radar eyes logo.JPGOur Focus = Underground/ Unreleased/ Underexposed/ Misunderstood/ Unappreciated/ Etc., etc.

I am Chemical Mange.

First of all: R.I.P. Ron Asheton.

Second of all: Fuck.

RADAR EYES NO. 1: Rosa Guerrero, Ditchwater Corp.

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Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose!

Rosa Guerrero: Haha, good question!

RE: Purpose?

RG: To share good rock and roll music with the peoples of Houston.

RE: And how do you do this?

RG: Multi-media blitzkrieg! I publish a photography zine called Ditchwater, which documents Houston's seamier music scenes. It's an old fashioned photocopied affair - I do B&W analog photography, so it lends itself well to that. And I am 1/3 of "Mutant Hardcore Flower Hour" on KTRU, the longest-running punk radio show in town.

And because I'm fond of putting holes in my head, I just started Ditchwater Records, which is a lonely-hearts singles club. Oh, and sometimes I organize and promote live shows.

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