How to Survive the Harlem Shake Meme (Now with Air-Humpers)

Dear Internet Friends,

Please do not post one more damn video of you, your dog or your grandmother doing the Harlem Shake. You've spammed my Facebook with videos of you shaking your goods in a Power Ranger costume, holding some sort of very phallic pool noodle.

We shouldn't know each other that well.

I'm not saying it wasn't fun while it lasted, but this gyrating affair needs to come to an end before we're both bitter.

When you first busted in on my screen and offered me an escape from productivity at work, I'll admit that I bit. I was interested in the goods. Your carefree style offered me a brief reprieve from my cube, and I was tempted to jump in on your impromptu dance party.

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The Best Fathers Day Gift: 24 Hours Without Dubstep

FathersDayBeer June 15.jpg
This Sunday is a big day. For our dads, that is. It's Fathers Day, and whether we have daddy issues or not, we have to admit that we children put their dads through a lot. They helped change our diapers (hopefully, if not poor mom), they killed spiders for us (my dad still does), but best of all, they put up with a lot of shit.

One of those many things dads deal with, indeed, is the music we listen to over the years.

I'll break down my musical taste beginnings for you here. I was a Barney fanatic or it was the one thing that shut me up for long car rides as a kiddo. The dreadful song that Barney sang about love -- yeah we all know it -- probably gave parents nightmares of some strange purple dinosaur that amused children. Pretty scary, now that I think about it.

And so my musical tastes have broadened since then. A lot. (Thank goodness.)

But also having two younger siblings, ages nine and 14, I've heard and witnessed the music that gives our dads one huge never-ending headache. So in honor of Father's Day, I decided why not make a list of music we should just not play for the day to help our dads out. Plus they'd spend less money on Advil.

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