Moving Sidewalk Ushers in a Different Kind of Ladies' Night

Photos by Sean McManus
L-R: Sheridan Fay and Monique Mickley work their cocktail magic at a recent Ladies' Night.
And on the seventh day, ye shall rest. That is certainly what most people try to do. The day before Monday is usually reserved for having brunch, doing laundry and sitting around binge-watching terrible reality-TV staples like Bridezillas.

For many of us nine-to-fivers who are workin' for the weekend, the Sabbath might even mean dreading the impending doom of another workweek ahead of us. (Just what the hell are we going to wear the next day, anyway?) Luckily, for some it means another night to go out and enjoy the city.

That's how I ended up at Moving Sidewalk Mixed Drinks (306 Main): My friend and I had taken notice of how many events were happening in that area on Sunday nights. There was Mardi Gras on Main not too long ago (complete with marching band), and the very night we went out, we had just missed a "retail therapy" happy hour consisting of vendors and DJs, hosted by the Little Dipper.

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Houston's 10 Friendliest Bars

Photo by David Rozycki
Just a couple of the friendly people you might meet at Lola's Depot.
On our bar adventures about town, most of us are going out to have a good time and hoping to encounter some friendly faces. From our experience, the bars on this list meet these requirements, as we usually encounter both good-natured and approachable patrons and staff at these places.

Keep in mind that you can run into a jerk anywhere, unfortunately, but we feel if you give these spots a chance you're most likely to make some new friends, at least for the night.

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Houston's 10 Best All-Ages Music Venues

Photo by Katie Haugland via Flickr
We can all remember back to a time when we were under 21 years of age, ready to go out on a Friday night with friends. But where to go? Long ago, back when the Earth was flat, there was not much to do besides driving around all night or hanging out in your local parking lot.

Luckily for today's young people, some places in Houston offer live music to those still under the legal drinking age; truthfully, some venues listed here have been open to young people for quite some time, though we didn't always know about them back in the old days. Besides being places where young people can venture out on their own, parents can take their younger kids here to introduce them to the wonderful world of live music as well.

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The 10 Best Bars in Galveston

Photo by Marcus via Flickr
With the last weekend of Mardi Gras coming up, we thought we would share our favorite bars on Galveston Island. Most of the action during Mardis Gras happens on the historic Strand and we are sharing a few bars located down there, as well as bars located elsewhere in Galveston, as the whole island should be jumping.

Not a fan of big Mardi Gras crowds? No problem, these places are great to visit year-round.

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Houston's 10 Most Romantic Bars

Photo by HP Staff
Note: list is in alphabetical order.

Unmarked doors and low lighting seem to lend themselves to romance, and Absinthe in Montrose is a bar that meets these two requirements; the fact that absinthe, the drink, was embraced by famous artists and writers including Pablo Picasso, James Joyce, Vincent van Gogh and others gives Absinthe, the bar, a sense of excitement and romance itself by association. Made with an extract of wormwood, absinthe, the emerald-green drink, was once banned and falsely believed to cause madness and hallucinations. It is sold here, and indulging in this once-forbidden fruit is kind of sexy, don't you think?

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Where Houston Beatlemaniacs Get Their Fix

Photo by David Houston/Flickr Commons
David Adickes' giant Beatle statues loom large over the Heights and the rest of Houston.
Not too long ago, in what may have seemed like a huge prank but was totally real, the Internet all but broke when people on the Internet didn't use the Internet to find out who Paul McCartney was. Yep. You read that right. Instead, they took to Twitter to ignorantly claim that Kanye West was about to make some no-name old guy "a star."

Half a century after the Beatles invaded the U.S. and took the world by storm, people on the Internet didn't know who one of the most iconic men from one of the most famous bands in history was. Kids these days, right?


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Houston's 10 Best Bars Close to Rice University

Photo by HP Staff
Part of the Goode Company empire of Houston restaurants, this music venue, barbecue joint and bar can be easily spotted by passersby on Kirby thanks to the giant 12-foot metal armadillo hanging out in front. Inside the all-Texan, western theme continues with mounted longhorns, ranch paraphernalia, and stools with leather saddles on them. Live Texas music on Saturday night gets the patrons out on the floor two-steppin'; expect a good lineup here of rodeo afterparty entertainment next month.

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Friday Night Shaping Up to Be a Rocker

Power-pop master Paul Collins headlines Walters' Record Fair tonight
Friday is shaping up right nicely for those of us who frequent H-Town's lower dens.

The biggest news is that the Paul Collins Beat is at Walter's as the centerpiece of a record fair sponsored by Sound Exchange. Collins first touched the hem of fame as drummer for the legendary Los Angeles power pop band the Nerves. Featuring Peter Case and Jack Lee, the power trio took L.A. by storm.

Their searing live shows apart, the Nerves are probably best known for Blondie's smash hit cover of the Jack Lee tune "Hanging on the Telephone." After Lee left the band, Case and Collins worked with a changing cast of musicians and recorded together as the Breakaways. Their best known song was "Walking Out On Love," which the Nerves had been playing live but never recorded.

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Houston's 10 Best Non-Sports Bars to Watch the Super Bowl

Photo by Katharine Shilcutt
Sunday at noon, 8th Wonder Brewery opens up its taproom, which has plenty of TVs for you to cheer on the Patriots or Seahawks later in the day. Arrive early for a chance to taste the brewery's inaugural release of its new Brewston Texas Pale Ale and help get the party started. Eatsie Boys will have a food truck on site with plenty to eat, and Feges BBQ will set up a pop-up kitchen. Misc. A Mobile Store, and Urban Izzy will also have trucks on site for your retail shopping needs.

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Outside the Loop, Tribute Bands Rule the Roost

Photos by Melissa Caudle
OZZ, Houston's leading Ozzy Osbourne tribute band, barks at the moon during a recent Scout Bar show.
Years before most music was made, performed and bought digitally, people would go out to see it live. There was a time when rock and roll ruled radio, not just in Houston but across the country as lines were drawn in the sand between 97 Rock and Rock 101 KLOL. People had arguments over whether it was cool or not that Eddie Van Halen played keyboards on "Jump" and the title track for Van Halen's sixth studio album, 1984. We had things like Texxas Jam, and bands such as Foghat and .38 Special played at the Astrodome.

It was American as apple pie. And life was good.

While those days are gone for most people, those precious memories live in the hearts and minds of many. Luckily, you don't have to depend just on your old and fuzzy recollection of times past. They are still alive and well, and you don't have to go too far to find them. Just drive any direction outside of 610 on any given night, and you'll run into a pub or bar billed as having "live music."

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