Studying "Tiki 101" at Lei Low, Sunset Heights' Rum-Happy Oasis

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Photos by Sean McManus
Have one more of these and this guy starts talking back.
"Try this! No, seriously...try this!"

That's how most conversations start at Lei Low, a traditional tiki bar in Sunset Heights, for good reason. This place makes some serious drinks.

I'm here on a hot Saturday night to get exotic and learn the ways of island life.

Bartender Stephen Caronna suggests a Mai Tai, which I've had here on several occasions; it's time to graduate from "Tiki 101" and start the next semester. He suggests a "Balinese Room #2," a boozy mix of lots of things I've never heard of: Barbados rum, Dimmi, Yellow Chartreuse and Peychaud Bitters.

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Cowboy or Club Roxy, Galleria Nightspot Had Quite a Run

Photo by Alexa Crenshaw
Now only memories: Club Roxy in the foreground, 2014
Quietly, the Roxy shut its doors several months back after billing itself for years as Houston's "longest-running nightclub." Whether that statement is true or not, an extensive, eclectic history lies within the now-empty space near W. Alabama and Sage Rd.

Personally, I remember the Roxy's teen night, where around age 14 I went with a group of gals, hating everything and being stuck in a crowd so thick I couldn't move. I lost my purple-and-black striped jacket that night, and to this day wish I could somehow find it. If you know where my jacket is...

Never mind. The point is, most Houston kids ended up at the Roxy -- or one of its many other iterations -- at one time or another.

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We're Looking for a New Nightfly

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Photos by Marco Torres
Perhaps one of the new Nightfly's first destinations will be the popular Gritsy bass monthlies.
Do you like to go out in Houston? Can you tell a good story?

If you can answer "yes" to both, you might be the person we're looking for. The Houston Press has a vacancy for Nightfly, our longstanding column that has seen some of the city's most intrepid writers get the lowdown on what happens in the places where lights are low and the music is too loud.

We're looking for someone who understands what a unique, fun city Houston is and can tell us in writing. Recent Nightfly excursions have included a trip to El Big Bad at the height of World Cup mania, giving the new jukebox at Alice's Tall Texan all it can handle, admiring the Star Wars toys at Neil's Bahr, or chilling in the pool (fully clothed) at Galveston's new Longboard's. Some more examples:

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Debonair Lounge Mondays at Cafe 4212 Are a Must

Photos by Marco Torres
Note: the following photos are from Marco Torres' visit to Debonair Lounge in February, like this one of hosts Tay Mitch and Brad Gilmore. See more at this slideshow.
People are spilling out the door of this little lounge on Almeda, a rare sight for a Monday night. Most bars in this area are ghost towns, closed for the night to avoid the dreaded weekday slump.

But not Café 4212 (4212 Almeda). On Mondays, the cozy lounge straddling the Museum District and Third Ward is packed.

"Hey man! Hurry up! We've been waiting for you for an hour now."

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The Tall Texan's Jukebox Is Not a Toy

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Photo by Larami Culbertson
Los Skarnales singer Felipe Galvan (right) and friends at the Tall Texan in 2010
"And I'm hungry like the wooooolf..."

The music from the jukebox blares throughout this tiny bar on North Main. Although pleasing to our ears, the cheesy '80s rock has sparked a rumble of laughter from the regulars splayed across the crooked counter.

It's not often that someone comes into Alice's Tall Texan Drive Inn (4904 N. Main) and takes over the jukebox so abruptly. This old saloon is generally full of mustachioed regulars, some sporting cowboy hats. Others flash crooked smiles and Hispanic Heights charm. Usually the regulars have full run of the place.

Until some silly young bucks step in, anyway.

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The Beautiful Game Is a Beautiful Thing at El Big Bad

Photos by Aaron Champenoy

A battle cry is being sounded across the bar by an overzealous fan. It's the tenth time he's done so, making it appear as though his boasting button stuck on repeat.

Every time his Netherlands team scores against Spain, his drawn-out call elicits looks of fury from the opposing team's fans. The breakneck speed in which they glare causes them to nearly spill their beers in the process.

The team from the Netherlands is dominating this opening-round match of the World Cup, which is infuriating their rivals. The shouts of "Orange! Orange!" - the Dutch team takes its nickname from the color of its jerseys - over the obnoxious "Goaaaaaaallllllllll" calls are as much fighting words as cries of victory.

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The Water's Fine at Longboard's, Galveston's Beachside Oasis

Photo by Angelica Leicht
"Oh no, you guys! I totally forgot my shoes!"

A pretty blond woman has just jumped straight into the pool, forgetting her shoes in the process. She's signaling and screeching, but her many friends are too busy doubling over with laughter to assist.

"Seriously! Come on! Someone grab these!"

We're watching with amusement, but aren't sure whether to help her or let the situation play out. We opt for the latter.

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May the Force Be With You at Neil's Bahr

Photos by Angelica Leicht
Yes, that is an AT-AT, and a nice one at that.
"Eat, sleep, game, repeat."

A tall, slick-haired guy whose black T-shirt is emblazoned with that very slogan pushes his way through this packed EaDo bar, but no one seems to mind. Most folks are giving him the thumbs-up, which seems strange given the density of the room. But he's earned a pass to part the nerd seas.

"Hey man, that's a sweet shirt," one admirer calls. "Where did you find that thing?"

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Help Wanted: We Need a Club-Listings Editor

Photo by Bruce Turner via Flickr
The Houston Press is looking for a part-time Music Listings Editor. The ideal candidate will be interested in and knowledgeable about the local music and nightclub scene, as well as have a high attention to detail.

The primary component of the job is data entry to keep our concerts and clubs listings current and comprehensive. The Music Listings Editor is also responsible for twice-a-week visits to Houston clubs and writing up capsule descriptions as a result.

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Sunny Days and Stiff Drinks on the Washington Crawfish Crawl

Photos by Angelica Leicht
"Wait, so you're just gonna dump that entire thing on the table? Are you sure about this? Okay, but what about the beers?"

The gorgeous blond at the table next to us is concerned about eating food directly off the table, but unfortunately she has no choice. Not if she wants to eat all those crawfish, anyway.

It's mid-afternoon on a Saturday at Little J's (4218 Washington), a popular happy-hour spot on Washington Avenue, but the bar's miniscule patio is packed to the gills with people despite the relatively early hour. The tepid weather has finally signaled the end of winter, so Houston's day-drinking crawfish-boil festivities have begun in earnest.

"Wait, so how do I even eat these things?", the blond wonders. "I'm going to need another drink first."

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