So, How About That FPSF Lineup Anyway?

Photo by Groovehouse
My initial, visceral reaction to the lineup was two-fold: a) Deftones? Yay!; b) that is a mighty impressive EDM lineup. I figured Zedd was a pretty solid lock for the festival, but Above & Beyond is an outside the box choice that I'm in love with. Having just seen them put on a wonderful set a few weeks ago at Lights All Night, I'm pretty stoked to get them again, outside under the Texas sky. Add in Adventure Club (who killed it at Something Wicked) and Flosstradamus and you've got an EDM lineup with something for everyone.

It's a strong lineup top to bottom, with some great headliners (Wu-Tang, Dwight Yoakam), some rad locals (BLSHS, Bagheera) and some unexpected surprises (Sky Ferreira, Jana Hunter). I imagine I'll be super excited about the festival from now until about 15 minutes after I'm inside the gates, at which point I assume I'll proceed to complaining about the heat endlessly. CORY GARCIA

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Outkast Fans Got Beef With FPSF Omission

Photo by Marco Torres
The day that a festival announces its lineup is one of excitement and anxiety. For days speculation runs rampant and then the day arrives; some look at the lineup and fist-pump in front of their computers while others feel their hearts drop with disappointment.

I spent a part of Tuesday hitting the digital streets to see if my FPSF predictions (Zedd, Wu-Tang, Haim, Bastille, Kraftwerk) were shared by anyone else. Over on Reddit, folks worked diligently to try and unscramble the blurred lineup image. Meanwhile on Twitter, the main theory seemed to be:

But rumors of an Outkast set at FPSF had been flying around since about ten seconds after the Atlanta duo announced they were getting back together. The rumors were stoked again when this thread appeared on Facebook, even though they later clarified that said "greatest group in Hip-Hop history" had more than two members.

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Here's the Free Press Summer Fest 2014 Lineup

Never mind Robin Thicke, those blurred lines at the top are...

Jack White

Vampire Weekend


Ms. Lauryn Hill

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UPDATED: Is More Free Press Summer Fest a Good Idea?

Photo by Groovehouse
UPDATE (Friday, 5 p.m.): According to Summer Fest's Omar Afra, FPSF prices will not increase if the festival is approved for a third day.

Earlier this week Free Press Summer Fest posted a video beseeching everyone who has enjoyed the two-day festival over the past five years to contact their City Council representative and encourage him or her to extend the event's running time (two hours on Saturday, one on Sunday) and explore the feasibility of adding a third day.

On the surface it seems simple. FPSF has been phenomenally successful almost from the beginning, reportedly bringing millions of dollars into the city and earning a reputation as a first-rate festival well beyond Houston. But especially in light of the substantial price increase attached to FPSF's recent blind presale, some critics are starting to wonder if its reach is beginning to exceed its grasp. So Rocks Off asked our writers to consider this possible expansion from all sides, and tell us what a three-day FSPF might look like -- and what it might mean.

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UPDATED: Free Press Summer Fest Wants Longer Hours, Possibly Another Day

Photo by Groovehouse
Longer hours and an extra day would mean more outfits like this, we suppose.
UPDATE (Monday, 1:15 p.m.:): adds comments from FPSF's Omar Afra.

Free Press Summer Festival has decided it wants to grow.

Earlier today, the popular Houston outdoor music festival -- which drew an estimated 81,000 people to Eleanor Tinsley Park this past June, the first sellout in its five-year history -- posted a video urging fans to email their City Council representative asking their blessing on extending the FPSF curfew, and "possibly an extra day."

"More hours means more jobs to our local economy," the video says. "To that end, Free Press Summer Fest is looking to help bolster the local economy and bring our audience an even more diverse lineup and less congestion, and to create more jobs, more revenue and more visitors to the city."

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Free Press Summer Fest Announces July 4 Free Geto Boys Makeup Show

Photo by Marc Brubaker
The Geto Boys' Willie D (left) and Scarface at Free Press Summer Fest earlier this month
After the much-anticipated Geto Boys reunion at this month's Free Press Summer Fest went off at only two-thirds strengh, resulting in thousands of disappointed fans, FPSF has announced a free makeup show scheduled for July 4 at House of Blues.

The Boys' set in the high afternoon heat was delayed about 20 minutes before Scarface and then Willie D emerged to perform many of the groundbreaking Houston rap trio's most popular songs, including "Mind Playin' Tricks on Me" and "Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta." But Bushwick Bill, the third Geto Boy, never materialized. Willie D, whose advice column Ask Willie D appears on Rocks Off Thursday mornings, told us Bill was traveling to Houston from Atlanta and simply didn't make it in time.

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Free Press Summer Fest: The Best Things We Overheard In the Crowd This Weekend

Photo by Marco Torres
Didn't the guy on the left used to play football around here?
"I like the red douchebag tanks."

"I know this song!" -- at the beginning of Paul Wall's "Smile For Me Daddy"

"Fuck your fuckin' water!" -- a testy exchange in the Fancy Pants tent

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Free Press Summer Fest: The Festival's Biggest WTF Moments

Photo by Jim Bricker
A little lost, Kim?
Know Your City
During Matt & Kim, Kim had the crowd in her pocket... until she accidentally called them "Dallas." She immediately recognized her terrible faux pas and recovered by telling a story about how once she was having sex with Matt and called him by the wrong name. She said that afterwards "things got weird," so she encouraged the crowd to get as "weird" as they could so we could all relive it together. Crisis averted. SELENA DIERINGER

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UPDATED Free Press Summer Fest: The Worst Things Inflicted Upon Us, 2013

Photo by Marc Brubaker
Wille D and Scarface, minus Bushwick Bill
UPDATED (Monday, 2:05 p.m.). Regarding the bottled-water situation and prices, with comments from FPSF director Omar Afra. See "Water Rights" on Page 2.

Geto Boys Get an "Incomplete"
The absolute and definitive one goddamn thing I was truly looking forward to seeing at this year's festival was a reunited Geto Boys unleash their fury in the shadow of the downtown skyline. Regardless of the circumstances of Bushwick Bill's absence, and despite a still-tremendous effort by Willie D and Scarface, my biggest "must-see" quickly turned into my biggest disappointment and heartbreak of the year. Here's hoping it doesn't take another ten years before we see all three rappers perform together in Houston once again. MARCO TORRES

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Free Press Summer Fest: The Best Acts of Sunday, 6/2/2013

Photo by Groovehouse
Cat Power
Cat Power/Social Distortion
Cat Power has such a spotty live reputation that she's hard to pass up, epecially at a music festival. We all want to see the implosion when it happens. However, she once pleased me greatly (and made me somewhat of a fan) at one ACL Fest around the time her R&B-heavy The Greatest album came out (2006), but after that I sort of lost touch. But instead of a meltdown, Sunday she followed Mavis Staples -- no easy feat there -- with a challenging, haunting set of piano-heavy orchestral pop that started out a little unfocused but sharpened considerably and rocked harder the longer it went on.

It reminded me of Sinead O'Connor a little, which is a big plus in my book. I can only assume most of the songs were from last year's Sun album, which I have not heard, but her set certainly made me want to go listen to it, perhaps even buy it. For her (or anyone), I'd say that's a success.

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