10 Great Versions of "Wild Thing"

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"Wild Thing" may not be most-recorded song in history, but it's got to be up there. (It's not even in the Top 10, though, according to the UK's The Independent.) But when the version by the Troggs, whose singer Reg Presley died of cancer late Monday night, became a hit on both sides of the Atlantic in the summer of 1966, it became one of those songs. It has long been enshrined in the rock and roll pantheon, perhaps entering at the moment Jimi Hendrix used it as a launching pad to set his guitar aflame at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival.

Although it does not have the same kind of genre-shifting properties as some other standards, "Wild Thing" has the advantage of being fiendishly easy to learn and exhilaratingly fun to perform. In the some 46 years since the Troggs made it a hit, its salacious tone and ever-unkempt nature have kept it close at hand and given it a half-life of nearly forever.

With all due respect to Cheap Trick, Widespread Panic, Jeff Beck, Warren Zevon and just about every garage band that ever strapped on a guitar, here are the ten other versions of "Wild Thing" worth remembering.

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Is One Halfway Decent Thanksgiving Pop Song Too Much to Ask For?

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Just... no comment.
Not so long ago, Rocks Off was wondering why there has never been a decent pop song about Thanksgiving. Not despairing, just wondering. Apart from all the complete shite, you could fill an entire wing of your iTunes library with quality tunes about Thankgiving's yuletide neighbor, but Turkey Day itself?

Try to name even one memorable, poignant, stirring, meaningful or even amusing popular song about the holiday. True, there's Adam Sandler's "Thanksgiving Song," but one of our closest advisors argued that one doesn't count because it's comedy. We disagree, but nevertheless, it's still about the closest thing the U.S. has ever seen to a Thanksgiving "hit."

Since 1621, when the pilgrims first decided to celebrate surviving the passage from England by eating themselves near-comatose, and especially since Congress officially designated the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day in 1941, the day has lulled America's songwriters into a creative Tryptophan coma. Maybe they'd simply rather watch football.

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4:50 a.m.: The 15 Best Fishing Songs We Could Find

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Rocks Off never thought we'd say this, but the country eye candy behind "Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer," Billy Currington, turned out to be pretty wise. He was smart enough to record the song "Bad Day of Fishin'" anyway, which contains the sage advice "a bad day of fishing beats a good day of anything else."

By that logic, a bad song about fishing beats a good song about anything else. That also turned out to be true. Meanwhile, the guy behind one of the best fishing songs we've heard in a while, Jason Allen's "Goin' Fishin' Today," played Blanco's this past Friday, but he'll be back.

But once Rocks Off cast out a line for worthwhile songs that put a hook in the water, it wasn't long before we were reeling 'em in. We stopped at 15, because you always have to throw a few back.

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