Eminem, Lorde, OutKast Head 2014 ACL Festival Lineup

This morning the Austin City Limits Music Festival announced its lineup for the autumn music bazaar that will take place October 3-5 and 10-12 in Austin's Zilker Park. Some of the top names include Eminem (as expected), OutKast, Pearl Jam, Lorde (second weekend only), Skrillex, Lana Del Rey, Beck, Calvin Harris, The Replacements, Jimmy Cliff, Major Lazer, Spoon, The Head and the Heart, Belle & Sebastian, Chvurches, Zedd, Chromeo, Childish Gambino, Zedd, The Avett Brothers, and former Houstonian Robert Ellis.

The full lineup is below.

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The Best Things We Overheard at ACL's Second Weekend

Photos by Jim Bricker
"Gary Coleman for governor. Whatchoo talkin' bout, Davis?"
-- T-shirt, from a few thousand miles west and a few years earlier than Wendy

Dude at Junip: "I was smoking a cigar, I left in the seat and it burned a whole in the upholstry."

Friend of dude: "Nooooooooo??!?!"

Dude: "Ya man, sucks."

"You really fucking vagina-punched me!"

-- girlfriend to a boyfriend

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The Best Acts of ACL Festival's Second Weekend

Photos by Jim Bricker (except noted)
If you want to catch an act in the one and only tented stage at ACL, it's recommended to do it early in the day or towards the end of the weekend. It always seems to get pretty packed on Saturday when people realize they can escape the sun and hear some pretty good jams while doing so. One of the only times Rocks Off made it into the tent was for an early afternoon set from the ever-so-soulful stylings of the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Consisting of a quartet of aged soul singers who happen to be both blind and from Alabama, the group led the crowd through a set of sing-a-longs that included reworked takes on Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit In The Sky" and a fitting cover of Gladys Knight's "Midnight Train to Georgia." Just a few songs into their set, if they didn't already have everyone in the audience captive, they were joined by their latest album's producer, Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver. While Vernon didn't lend his vocal talents (like there wasn't enough of that going on with the Blind Boys), he added his skillful guitar work on a few songs. It was a great way to spend an hour. JIM BRICKER

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Heavy Rains Force ACL Sunday Cancellation

Photos by Jim Bricker
The Cure's Robert Smith Saturday night, before the rains came
Due to heavy rains that began shortly after the Cure played "Friday I'm In Love" Saturday night and continued for several hours, this morning the Austin City Limits Music Festival announced on its Web site that Sunday's portion of the three-day event has been cancelled.

"Our first priority is always the safety of our fans, staff and artists," said Shelby Meade, communications director for ACL producer C3 Presents. "We regret having to cancel the show today, but safety always comes first."

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The Best Things We Overheard at ACL Fest This Weekend

Angelica Leicht and Marco Torres report back with the most outrageous sound bites they overheard at Weekend 1 of the 2013 Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Photo by Julian Bajsel
Note: may not be same sasquatch as quote below... but come on.
"I think Bigfoot just copped a feel!"

"Um, these guys are a little bit weird..."

-- a very confused chick to her very confused boyfriend during Foxygen's set Sunday morning

"This shit doesn't even make sense, and I'm stoned."

-- again with the Foxygen confusion

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Top Five Acts at ACL Festival, 10/6/2013

Photo by Julian Bajsel
Can you be a fair-weather Radiohead fan and still really like Atoms for Peace? Well, sure. It may be Thom Yorke's side project, but he's got Flea in tow, and something about the combination of Flea's uber-charismatic personality and Thom Yorke's ability to make music out of sounds that really shouldn't work together made for some sweet stage lovin' Sunday evening.

It was refreshing to see Yorke step out of those Radiohead shoes and into something a bit dancier as he played along with Flea's energy. Yorke even busted out some sweet dance moves of his own. Of course they pulled from the Atoms record, but also threw in Radiohead's "Paperbag Writer," and even a bit of music from Yorke's solo stuff. ANGELICA LEICHT

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Bringing Kids to ACL Can Make Some Sticky-Icky Situations

Categories: ACL Fest

Photo by Angelica Leicht
I just really wanted to use this photo on something.
Seeing all the ACL kids running around in the Zilker Park grass, playing football with pierced and tatted dads, or showing off their dancing skills with mom, was a bit of a surprise. As a parent who has kind of a rad job, I suppose I have never really considered taking my child to work with me at a concert. As silly as it sounds, being at a show like ACL is also like being at my office; I am there to work. I just get to do so in the coolest setting ever.

But it makes sense that people who aren't working while at ACL would want to bring along their little ones. The festival is pretty family-friendly, and it's a great way to expose kids to something other than Kidz Bop or sugary pop music. Perhaps these folks are prepping their kids for a lifetime of decent musical taste. And as far as festivals go, this has definitely been one of the tamer ones I've been to. There's been nary a topless chick as far as the eye can see. Everyone has been pretty well-behaved, hanging out and enjoying the music while downing a few beers in the sun.

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Top Five Acts at ACL Festival, 10/5/2013

Photo by Julian Bajsel
The Cure was one of the acts, if not the act, that I was really looking forward to seeing in Austin. They're, dare I say, legendary. That word gets thrown around way too often, but I stand by it with The Cure, especially after Saturday night's performance. It was further proof that Robert Smith is truly a prolific songwriter and vocalist, and they're badasses to the nth degree. Truth.

The Cure has been around for 36 years now, but you'd never know it with how incredibly spot-on they sounded Saturday night. From the moment that very first note tinkered across the stage and into the audience, it was The Cure through and through. Smith's vocals... I mean, damn.

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The People of ACL 2013: Who Let the Breaking Bad Guys In?

Categories: ACL Fest

Photos by Marco Torres
Another year, another ACL Music Festival. This is a magical time in Texas, when the blazing summer makes way for a pleasant autumn. The weather and the promise of world-class musical wonders draws thousands to Zilker Park, ready to let loose and jam over the three day weekend. Here are some of the nice people we met on Day 1, Week 1.

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How to Make Friends at ACL Fest: The Wine Thermos

Categories: ACL Fest

Photo by Angelica Leicht
You can see where this is headed...
My sister and I stumbled upon a life lesson unicorn at ACL yesterday. Being the classy broads we are, we decided that the tiny cans of beer weren't working their alcohol-fueled magic quickly enough, and we were sick of having to walk back and forth during a really good Arctic Monkeys set to get more. It was hot, we were thirsty, and the only thing we could get in a Costco-sized quantity was wine. So with wine we went.

But when we ordered a bottle, it's safe to say we expected to be handed, well, a bottle of wine. And true, what was handed over was technically a bottle of wine. But it was also a bottle of heaven. Behold the greatest invention we've ever seen: the wine thermos.

Yeah, you read that right. What was handed over was not some cheesy traditional wine bottle, but a bike thermos full of wine, complete with the old-school pop-top and all. I know; our minds were blown too. How such a thing exists outside of our dreams, we don't know.

But this thing was handed over with a question about whether we needed any glasses to go with our wine thermos, and we knew we'd stumbled upon something fantastic. It had never occurred to us that an old school bike water bottle would make the perfect vessel for a wine thermos, but it did. And bonus? We could do so many activities with it!

We also suddenly became interesting and earned ourselves a lot of festival besties, thanks to that damn thermos. See, there's something extra-special about the ability to squirt wine directly into your mouth, and apparently people are quite amused by the idea of wine shots. It makes the whole flask thing seem mundane when a steady stream of warm red wine is making its way toward your mouth at cannonball speed.

We managed to perfect our aim with shooting wine directly into our mouths, and the folks around us started to take notice of our new toy. Soon everyone wanted a taste of the wine thermos. We began trading out the use of our wine thermos in exchange for a swig from our festival neighbors' boring (but quite delicious) flasks. Soon they were testing out fancy new versions of the wine shot; they came up with double-partner wine shoot and the "thirsty biker eschewing water for wine" shoot. It was awesome.

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We used the hell out of that wine thermos, making friends everywhere we went. The novelty of warm wine out of a bike thermos really never wore off. Turns out people really like cheap wine out of elementary-school thermoses. Who knew? (ACL apparently, since they sold it to us.) We traded wine with Waldo, sprayed it in the air like champagne, and relished the conversation-starter that was our wine-thermos/crunk cup. I like to think we did Lil Jon proud with that thing.

Making new friends at festivals can be tough. Everyone's all buddied up and a little suspicious of the folks around them. So if you're wanting to break that whole vibe, we suggest a wine thermos, because somehow those things are filled with magic-friend dust. Just do what we did and use it to the best of your ability, always for good and not evil. Even if the evil is really really tempting, like spraying it down your sister's shirt and then telling her that the only thing that gets wine out is more wine.

And spraying it again. We'd never do that. That would be a total dick move.


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