Wrestlers Grooving Hard After Lollapalooza Gig

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Wrestlers performing last weekend at Lollapalooza
At 21, Houston native Aidan Kennedy released 100% Panther on Paris's Plik & Plok Records under the alias Bagheera, an homage to the panther from The Jungle Book. He eventually changed his moniker to Wrestlers after learning of another group with the same name.

Evidently there are a lot of Rudyard Kipling fans out there.

Since the release of 100% Panther, Kennedy has partnered with childhood friend David Elkin to complete the self-proclaimed "funky electro-dance duo" our fair city now calls its own. Fresh off an appearance at Lollapalooza and following a bit of Buzzfeed fame for their video "Say Anything," Wrestlers are back in Houston with no intention of slowing down.

"[We are] definitely planning on releasing a couple more videos and singles from the EP," Kennedy says in reference to the success of "Say Anything." "But in the meantime, we want to release a remix or two of songs that we've been super into lately and maybe just a general mix of tracks that we've been playing at our DJ sets recently to keep the flow of music going."

Wrestlers have opened for the likes of M83, Ghostland Observatory, Passion Pit and Matthew Dear. The group's favorite onstage experience happened just this past weekend, when they opened for Disclosure.

"We've been following those guys for the past three to four years since their first EP, so being able to share a stage was a really cool experience for us," Kennedy notes, adding that the show was one of their most successful despite inclement weather.

"Our set was threatened by a bout of rain, but after a 30-minute delay, we were finally able to take the stage and ended up playing to the largest crowd we've ever played in front of -- upwards of 6,000," he says. "The festival was amazing."

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Chris Gore
Chris Gore

Super nice dudes. Too legit too quit.

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