Wo Fat Meet Their Doom at Fitz on Saturday

Photos courtesy of Kent Stump
Dallas' Wo Fat
Have you heard the news? Fitzgerald's, that creaky old live music haunt in the Heights where your favorite band became your favorite band, is doomed.

Not next year, not after graduation, but Saturday. This Saturday. Doomed.

Whoa, hey, calm down for a second! This isn't about Pegstar abandoning the old club to build a slick, new townhouse of a concert venue on North Main (not that there's anything wrong with that). That's still quite a ways off, and there's a lot of life left in Fitz yet. Case in point: both stages of the club will be piled high with every heavy guitar riff imaginable tomorrow when the second annual Bayou Doom Fest returns to Sabbath the place up a bit. And for rock fans who like it slow, deep and hard, that's very good news, indeed.

This year, Dallas trio Wo Fat sits at the top of the bill. The group released their fifth album, The Conjuring, in June on Small Stone Recordings. They'll be heading down I-45 on Saturday at the behest of festival organizer Doomstress Alexis (Project Armageddon), rested and revived from their early-summer European tour.

"We've known Alexis and the Project Armageddon guys for a number of years," says Wo Far guitarist Kent Stump. "We actually met them five or six years ago when they came up to Dallas to play a show. We got to know them then, and we've played with them in Houston a couple times. When Alexis started to put this thing together last year, she invited us to come down and play, so we came down and did it. We're happy to be coming back for the second year."

One could be forgiven for assuming that headlining a statewide metallic assemblage like Bayou Doom Fest would put Wo Fat high on the list of doomiest bands in the state. When it comes to the identity politics of heavy-metal subgenres, however, things are rarely that simple.

"The term doom metal kind of covers a lot of different styles," Stump says. "I would say that maybe we're peripherally a doom metal band. Maybe we fall between more of a stoner-rock aesthetic and heavier doom metal, because of the fact that we're a heavier band than a lot of stoner-rock bands. We maybe sort of straddle a couple different styles, there.

"But I would say that Texas has a really strong scene, both as far as doom metal and stoner-rock and stoner metal go," he continues. "There are so many bands that somehow fall within these genres, you know, with the Sword being the most obvious. It's sort of a spectrum of riff-based rock that ultimately harkens back to Black Sabbath and that sort of riff-based approach to rock and roll."

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