True Blood: Like a Lead Zeppelin

There's no other way to say this. True Blood went out weak. Really, really weak.

For almost the entire running time of the finale there was no plot. Nothing was really resolved because there was really nothing left to resolve. For all intents and purposes the supporting cast had been driven away or killed leading up to this, and the only real question was how Vampire Bill was going to die.

Stupidly, that's how.

As the Hep V runs through his system, he degenerated to the point where Sookie could even hear his thoughts. This actually led to the worst possible anticipation of the climax. You were literally watching to see how badly they could mess this up. Would Bill's disease turn him human? Or would Sookie give up her fae nature to give him death by hadouken? In the end it's neither, but still manages to be terrible.

Also, there's a wedding, and like most wedding's it's not all that fun for the people not actually involved in it.

There is a bright spot to the finale. I truly believe that the show reached as hard as it could for the ending seen in the books. There, Sookie marries Sam and finally has Bon Temps accept her as a valued member.

The ending scene shows that she gets the second part, with a host of locals celebrating at her home on Thanksgiving. In all honesty, it's probably the best we could expect. We're never told who Sookie's husband and baby daddy is, only that she found someone. His identity doesn't really matter, anyway. It was always about her.

It's unfortunate that this came at the cost of the endings seen for Eric and Bill in the novels. Bill's story was completely lost. In the books he finds his humanity through getting over Sookie, finally becoming a decent man in the process. Eric's heartfelt pain is certainly better than that as an infomercial huckster no matter how many lives it saves.

Another missed opportunity shows in the music. Led Zeppelin? Really?

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