The 10 Best Songs From True Blood

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4. Cary Ann Hearst, "Hell's Bells"
Season 3 was pretty much the musical apex of True Blood. For instance, it had Cary Ann Hearst being everything Amy Winehouse ever wished she was.

3. Witch, "Soul of Fire"
Everything that made Dinosaur Jr.'s J. Mascis great was better in Witch. We saw it put to good use in Season 4.

2. K'naan, "In The Beginning"
I loved K'naan because when his music showed up it reminded me of everything I loved about the show's mythology. And also because he's the best rapper in the world.

1. Lyle Lovett, "I Will Rise Up"
In all the years that True Blood was on, nothing ever topped Godric's requiem. It's not only the best musical moment in the show, but easily in the Top 10 musical moments in television history period.

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Shame Warpaint "Love is to Die" was left off this list. 

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