The 10 Best Songs From True Blood

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For the past seven years, each episode of HBO's True Blood was named after a song, and in those seven years I've watched great tracks come and go. Here's the ten best the show had to offer.

10. Massive Attack, "Paradise Circus"
In Season 3 there's the wonderful visit to a strip club, and this is the song the stripper works to. If you ever find a stripper taking it off to Massive Attack, that girl needs professional help, and it made for a wonderfully weird NSFW moment.

9. Shelby Lynne, "I'm Alive"
Another wonderful selection from Season 3, this time from an episode when we were seeking Nazi werewolves instead of meaning like in the last season. Shelby Lynne was a mistress full of dark balladry, and worked wonders for the episode.

8. Tom Waits, "Jesus Gonna Be Here"
As the last season limped to its conclusion, there were few musical moments of greatness. The exception was Tom Waits, who summed up the stilted narrative perfectly.

7. Boxing Gandhis, "If You Love Me (Why Am I Dying)"
In Season 4 we got some wonderfully obscure Virginia funkatronic act to go along with the witch storyline. This is almost the best deep find music supervisor Gary Calamar found. Almost.

6. Sister Gertrude, "New World in My View"
In 1956 God told Gertrude Morgan she should start painting and singing for His pleasure. She did, but her work would have gone unremarked upon except that DJ King Britt released an album sampling her works, and True Blood used one of them in Season 2.

5. Abney Park, "Sleep Isabella"
Season 5 was probably the last good season of the show, and you can see traces of that in the fact that we got to hear the breakout steampunk hit "Sleep Isabella." Yes, it's another strip-club song. It's not my fault that's where the show decided to put so much good music.

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Shame Warpaint "Love is to Die" was left off this list. 

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