Something Wicked's 2014 Lineup + Five Sets We're Looking Forward to

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You gotta hand it to Disco Donnie Presents and Nightculture: they know how to put together a solid lineup of music. The decision to expand Something Wicked to two days might have seemed weird at first, but in the year 2014, aka The Year That Houston Went Festival Crazy, it makes perfect sense. In the arms race for festival dollars, you can't play it safe anymore. As such, it's nice to see DDPNC putting together a lineup big on acts we actually want to check out.

Sure, it's a little weird that Dillon Francis is coming back so soon after next week's Beach Blanket Bingo, and yeah, maybe we eyerolled at Kaskade as a headliner again, but all in all there's a lot to like with this lineup. In particular, we're looking forward to...

5. Flosstradamus
Because we, like many of you, like that trap shit. Plus, even though they was at FPSF it'll be nice to catch them outside the middle of summer.

4. Madeon
Because we still see a bright future for this guy, and he produced the best song on Lady Gaga's Artpop. Yes, "Gypsy" is the best song on that album.

3. Martin Garrix
Because this is a list of sets we're looking forward to, not a list of sets we think will be best, and we're looking forward to watching the crowd lose their minds when "Animals" drops.

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Raymond Tam
Raymond Tam

Galantis, I saw them in Coachella and they were amazing. Style of Eye and Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow make up the band.


Gotcha, thanks!  He's a pretty big name in the scene; guessing they'll correct the poster soon.


Also, is 12th Planet on a different announcement?  He's not listed on that lineup poster.


Kill Paris all day.  Anyone jammin a keytar skyrockets all lists.

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