The '70s' Seven Sexiest Soft-Rock Songs

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Let's get physical.
This list is not just for the couples who perk up anytime the Cialis commercial airs. It's not only for the cubs who do their homework and will try to impress the cougars with their 1970s music knowledge.

Oh, the list is for them; but not only for them. It's for everyone. Everyone that thinks their partner could use a musical nudge towards the boudoir.

Sure, there are more recent songs to choose from, tunes by acts known for the panty-drop, but where's the ingenuity in that? Besides, how far removed from Bread and America are Coldplay and Ed Sheeran? Same thing, really.

7. "Kiss You All Over," Exile
Consider what Exile is proposing here in this ode to foreplay...being kissed all over. The kiss is an art form we need to preserve, friends. It's the first indicator for the promise of a relationship. No one goes straight to toe-sucking on a first date.

The eyelid, the chin, that bone behind the left ear, the nape of one's neck, the curve at the base of the spine -- all good places to practice and all being offered "til the night closes in." What happens after that could be something that turns 50 Shades of Grey a few shades red.

Kissing: it's good stuff. Try it out.

6. "Magic," Olivia Newton-John
Somehow Olivia Newton-John became the poster girl for '70s wholesomeness, the anti-Farrah. Maybe it was because of her star turn as goody-two-shoes Sandy in Grease. But her singing career was filled with the types of coos and purrs that had adolescent boys daydreaming about explosions with "Olivia Neutron-Bomb." Take a listen to "Have You Never Been Mellow?" That song is nothing but a sultry, whispered invitation to relax, Frankie Goes to Hollywood style.

In this one, ON-J is singing directly to the listener. "Come take my hand, have to believe we are magic..." It's forward, even a little bossy, the kind of stuff submissives enjoy. There's probably not an album cover where Newton-John is brandishing a cat o' nine tails, but it may have fit with "Magic." [Note: although the Xanadu soundtrack was released in the summer of 1980, "Magic" would almost have to have been written in the very late 1979, if not sooner. So, close enough.]

5. "Summer Breeze," Seals & Crofts
This song was covered by The Isley Brothers, the truest purveyors of 1970s sexed-up songs, second only to the one-man mojo of Marvin Gaye.

If Ronald Isley took your song and turned up the heat, it was already at least scathingly hot. The entire first stanza is pure voyeurism. That bit about looking through the window to see the significant other waiting in a kimono, nothing but warm, quivering epidermis underneath, handing you a neat scotch as you enter the door on a Friday night, the whole house smelling of jasmine. Yeah, baby. Yeah.

4. "Maybe I'm Amazed," Paul McCartney
As often as I hear people discussing the Beatles, I almost never hear the word "sexy" associated with their music. Once they went their separate ways, McCartney -- ever the romantic one -- stretched beyond silly love songs and gave us "Maybe I'm Amazed," which sounds like a revved-up romp.

Dramatic piano flourishes, climactic organ and Paul singing "Oh! Oh! Oh!" repeatedly at the song's apex. It sizzles and is a long, long way from "Love Me Do."

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While I enjoyed reading this article, I'm having a hard time associating Barry Manilow with the term "freaky" ---Don't get me wrong, I love me some Barry Manilow.  But "freaky"?  meh, it just makes me wanna go, "eww" 

Great song choices and great write, friend :)

Eliseo Ramos
Eliseo Ramos

That damn Sara Smile puts it down every time. Flawless record.

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