Rappers Take Leading Role in Local Michael Brown Rallies

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Photos by Marco Torres
Hoodstar Chantz (in red) at Thursday's Discovery Green rally
Thursday afternoon, a call to arms occurred in Houston following the mass protest in Ferguson, Mo. after an unarmed black teenager was shot dead by a police officer last weekend. The announcement was peaceful, urging two separate protests and demonstrations of unity within the community.

The first, put together by Houston rapper Hoodstar Chantz, drew a respectable crowd despite the short notice. An image created by the rapper circulated on Instagram and Twitter, urging people to come out to Discovery Green.

"Peace For Justice Houston will not be us standing outside holding sins screaming we want peace," Chantz said in a caption. "Its [sic] basically a get together for ANYONE who wants to understand how we can actually make change in our country and how we plan on going about that mission. NO IGNORANCE OR VIOLENCE IS INVOLVED WHAT SO EVER."

Chantz's message, along with the larger National Moment of Silence gathering later at MacGregor Park, called for unity in the community. Rappers such as OneHunnidt, Stockz and Doughbeezy joined Chantz at MacGregor Park following the conclusion of Peace For Justice gathering.

The NMOS gathering was spurned by another call via social media, one that went global with public demonstrations in London, New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago and other cities. Houston Press reporter and photographer Marco Torres was on hand at Discovery Green, noticing the crowd increasing as time progressed.

"Once I put it out there, I got calls from people who have lost family members to police violence," Chantz told him.

Data from the Houston Police Department shows that there have been 100 fatal shootings involving HPD officers and 136 fatal shootings involving Harris County Sheriff's Deputies in the last ten years alone.

"I feel like we have to hold the torch to get the voice of the underground rap culture & our listeners involved," OneHunnidt stated in a series of tweets during the event. "We have to become responsible. We have to become proactive. Look in the mirror."

Since the shooting, numerous rappers have been vocal on social media, expressing condolences and frustration with not only the death of Brown but many others like him over the years.

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I wonder how people will feel and react with the revelation that Michael Brown was involved in a "strong armed robbery" of a convenience store less than an hour prior to his death.  It's all on tape.

I hope for most people's sake they will stop using him as a lightning rod for change.  If anything, he's a lightning rod for why people feel the way they do about thugs.

Houston Injury Lawyer-Reshard Alexander
Houston Injury Lawyer-Reshard Alexander

Tell them to join Houston NORML Houston NORML as we work towards lessening the number of young men imprisoned and killed behind bogus marijuana criminal laws.


It's not about the kid, it's about how militarized our police have become under the current administration. Obama has been pumping military grade weapons and equipment to police departments since he got in office.

The people it hurts are the people who supported him. The government sees all of us as the enemy and approves of this behavior by continuing to give guns to our law enforcement officers.

Blacks have been hurt by the war on drugs and it seems the government want to declare war on the rest of us now...


I gotta admit, imprisonment for use of a little "mary jane" is dumb.  It's not hurting anybody so let them do it.

texmex01 topcommenter

@thorwilliams1 well, the wards are like war zones these days, so the officers need to be properly equipped....


@thorwilliams1 Actually, Obama has very little to do with this other than the fact that we are leaving two wars and have lots of equipment to "get rid of".  It's a law that was passed in the early '90's under the administration of Bush '41 and was later expanded by Clinton in an effort to combat the drug cartels.


@thorwilliams1 Well, actually, the military-grade weapons have little to do with Obama other than the fact that we are leaving two wars and have lots of equipment that needs to go somewhere.

This is a policy that started back in Bush 41's administration and was later expanded during Clinton's as a way to combat the drug cartels.

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