Iggy or Isn't She? "Fancy" Star's No-Show Leaves Some Fans Upset

Some Houston fans are upset and wondering what happened after rapper/pop star Iggy Azalea's purported appearance at a popular Midtown dance club this weekend never materialized -- or if it was ever truly on the books to begin with.

The event had been promoted by Houston-based Sticky Promo, the local nightlife company behind other nights such as Twerk Thursdays and Devious Saturdays at Limelight, and Seductive Fridays at Washington Avenue club Dekan. According to this Eventbrite page, Azalea had been advertised to appear at Limelight this past Saturday night, although not to perform.

Even so, some said $22 for a possible glimpse of Azalea and maybe an autograph was still too low for an artist who has blown up to become one of the year's biggest stars. The event was billed as "no refunds, returns or exchanges."

Either way, she never showed, which appeared to catch even the promoter by surprise. "Jay R," who handles all of Sticky's social media and is listed as the company's contact email, posted the following tweet on Saturday afternoon:

He also tweeted a photo purporting to be Limelight's packed dance floor, but said nothing about Azalea's no-show Saturday night.

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Jonah Menzies
Jonah Menzies

People are actually upset that she didn't show?

Ryan Marrero
Ryan Marrero

What kind of idiot falls for this anymore?


And nothing of value was lost.

Alysia Doerr
Alysia Doerr

Oh we called it Alexis Tamez Christian Josh Zarate


Why do people pay "extra" to be in a club where _________ MIGHT be..No concert, no nothing..________ is just "there". If you are THAT fucking stupid, you deserve to be separated from a lot more of your money..

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