Heights Guitar Tech Fills Big Gap in Gear-Repair Scene

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Photos by Chris Lane
Ed Loco and Mitch Burman in front of Heights Guitar Tech
There's a great music scene and a lot of gigging musicians living in Houston, but few places to get musical equipment fixed when time is a factor. When I was playing in bands a few years back, any problem with a guitar or one of my amps meant I had two basic options: take it to one of the guitar shops scattered around town and let one of their repair guys fix it, or try to remedy what was wrong with it myself.

Lots of places have offered me good repair work, but the problem has always been the amount of time it took to complete. I might drop a guitar off for something that seemed relatively minor and then still wait a week or more for the work to be done. But I didn't always have six or seven days to spare, as I often had shows to play sooner than that.

Inspired by that exact same scenario, a new guitar-repair and musical gear shop recently opened in the Heights. Nightclub owner and occasional rock star Mitch Burman decided to open Heights Guitar Tech this summer with music producer and artist Steve Boriack after realizing that Houston musicians were facing unreasonably long wait times to have their instruments repaired.

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"There simply wasn't an existing shop in Houston that could repair a bass guitar in less than three to six months," Burman explains.

Frustrated by that situation, he decided to branch out from running Jet Lounge and reached out to friend Steve Boriack, who loved the idea of a stringed-instrument repair shop with an emphasis on fast turnaround. Housed in a colorful former locksmith shop, Heights Guitar Tech is conveniently located at 742 West 20th Street in the heart of the Heights.

Ed Loco at the workbench
Entering the small building, one realizes that the shop isn't a typical "guitar store." Guitars for sale hang on the wall behind a long counter, but a pinball machine also waits for anyone who wants to play a game or two while there. Boriack has deep ties to Houston's music scene, having produced for ToneZone Records as well as photographing countless bands, and wanted his store to not only serve local musicians' needs, but be a relaxed environment they would enjoy hanging around in.

On one recent visit, a young longhaired guy was picking up his Flying V that had been in for a setup and bridge repair. The work had been expertly done by repair tech and longtime musician Ed Loco, veteran of Houston bands Verbal Abuse and Vatos Locos, as well as tours with national acts DRI and Gang Green. He has also played in the local hardcore band U.Y.U.S. for 20 years, and learned guitar repair from mentors Mike Simon and Jim Fulton.

The guy has been around, and is still heavily involved with the local music scene, one of the reasons Heights Guitar Tech appeals to him. Loco quickly made it clear that his main focus is working in the new shop.

"There are no tours in the works right now," he says. "Concentrating on Heights Guitar Tech is my main motivation."

That seems to sum up everybody's dedication to Heights Guitar Tech: Everyone is either a musician or connected to the music scene in some way, and wants to provide the best quality repairs with the fastest possible turnaround. Depending on how complicated the issue was, they said most simple repairs could be finished in a few minutes or hours, while more complicated repairs should be completed by the next day or two. For a person with a show or recording session coming up, that kind of speedy service is a godsend.

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Credit cards? I'd like to get my Vibro Champ fixed.


Great story! It is really nice to see people working together to fill a void. We needed this! 

Matt Mooney
Matt Mooney

Good to know. Neil is the main person I can trust with my gear, so if he has any involvement with hgt, that's awesome.

Militia Tiamat
Militia Tiamat

Neil Sergeant is great and a friend of Heights Guitar Tech but his wonderful popularity in Houston equals a little bit longer of a wait time. We were graced by his presence at our grand opening party and he is our friend. HGT should be able to fix a little bit faster than with same excellent quality workmanship. Thanks Matt see u soon ~♏

Matt Mooney
Matt Mooney

I might check this out. I've been going to Neil Sergeant who is great, but lately his turnaround rate isn't as fast as it used to be.

Bob Hensley
Bob Hensley

Thanks for a great write-up Chris - come hang out with us again anytime! And bring that Tele, we'll get you squared away....

Heights Guitar Tech
Heights Guitar Tech

Thank you Chris Lane and Houston Press Rocks Off - We will keep you rocking! Not waiting! ;) ~♏

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