The Rocks Off 200: DJ Squincy Jones, "If It Jams, I Play It!"

Photo by Marco Torres
Who? Shane Rector is Houston born and raised, and has been DJing under the name of Squincy Jones in the city for about 14 years. "I came up playing Aerosol Warfare parties, RockBox, Speakerboxx, Raise It Up, and Gritsy," he says. "If it jams, I play it!"

Home Base? The Arcade, aka his "sad" apartment studio. He is currently trying to level up in Ableton.

Why Do You Stay Houston? "Because I love having pit stains 24/7," Squincy says jokingly. "And there are taquerias within two feet of my perimeter no matter where I go!"

Photo by Marco Torres
Good War Story: A little holiday cheer from Mr. Jones:

I got hired last-minute to DJ this Xmas party for some oil company at a bar. I made the mistake of taking a request and then like every single person from the company bombards me with requests. Like...could-not-play bombarded.

[They were] getting mad that I didn't have Enrique Iglesias. (Really?) I was playing like dad-rock and corny shit old yuppie turds like. (What do you call old yuppies anyway?) Shortly after, these people from the company got mega-belligerent and started throwing change at me.

I cut the music off, got paid, then bounced. I was seconds away from channeling the spirit of Randy Savage and suplexing people!


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