True Blood: Life in the Corpse

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I expect True Blood to go out harder than a train crash in the third Atlas Shrugged movie. This show exists to justify the phrase "Get out while the getting's good."

And yet.

AAANNNDDD yet...this week was honestly one of my favorite episodes in the show's history. It was really, really good, you guys.

On the surface, nothing of real note happens. The infected vampires get their final, puddle-y end in the most predictable battle since Sam Houston caught Santa Anna deciding that an afternoon in the middle of a war was the perfect place to catch a few Zs. Spoiler, but I'm really surprised that the show had the balls to actually kill off Alcide, but really that's the nitty and the gritty of plot development.

What made this episode so awesome was what made the show, and really the original books, awesome in the first place: simple, ridiculously lovable characterization.

For instance, the show has a problem with stupid flashbacks. I'm going to say a full 90 percent of them are more useless than a screen door on a submarine. It's usually just an excuse to wear period clothes, and as far as I'm concerned that;s what the Renaissance Festival is for.

This time, we get to watch Pam and Eric being forced into business ownership of a small video store in Shreveport as part of their punishment by the Vampire Authority. Zeljko Ivanek makes a surprise and much-needed cameo as the Magister, showing off the porno basement that will later become the sex-dungeon of Fangtasia to Eric and Pam.

Where True Blood often fails as opposed to the books is the fact that it doesn't spend enough time world-building. It's the little things that make Bon Temps real, and this was an episode of nothing but little things.

The song this week was Bob Dylan's "Death is Not the End." Now, far be it from me to say mean things about Dylan, but using the original song this week in the show was a mistake.

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You are SO right, damn. Right down to me fully EXPECTING that it'd be Cave's cover of Death Is Not The End as the credit song. The backstory of Fangtasia was terrific. Also, feels... when Jason phones Hoyt, I was confused until remembering that Hoyt had everything glamored out of him before he left. I've gone from hating Jason initially to thinking he's adorable. Also, there was a nice chunk of Eric. And Lafayette. And... um, Jessica's dude, who sorta makes me wish this weren't the last season.

Watching that and then following with The Leftovers last night was telly heaven.

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