Houston Went a Little Too Beyonce-Crazy Friday Night

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There's a weird air whenever you mention "Beyoncé" and "concert" in unison. I've seen her twice, once in New Orleans and in her second Houston stop of last year, days before the release of Beyoncé. Attend and you feel like the air around you is almost blessed, and you've been gifted the opportunity to see her. Especially on this tour, where Queen Beyoncé, Ruler of All Things Pop Music, and that other guy who decided he was too good for the hyphen in his rap name are together like the 21st-century Sonny & Cher.

Walking around the outside of Minute Maid Park Friday, I began asking questions while catching fans dressed in Beyoncé regalia, the "BEYHIVE" on full activation. I jokingly asked these entertainment brokers about how much they were attempting to sell tickets for.

REWIND: Beyoncé & Jay Z at Minute Maid Park, 7/18/2014


"For a nosebleed?"

"Well, those are like $200 but the ones I got are damn near VIP."

I wanted to scoff and laugh in his face, but he was dead serious. I even feigned as if I were going to reach into my pocket and attempt to buy the tickets off him but said nothing. I even asked him if he wanted to take a picture since I was writing an article about people attempting their way into the show.

"Fuck you," he told me and walked away.

Earlier in the afternoon I had begun scanning Ticketmaster, just to match the validity of whatever anyone would tell me at Minute Maid to what was going on online. Sure enough there it was in broad blinking code: $409.63 for VIP section tickets.

On a different site, one particularly made for the reselling of already-purchased tickets, someone attempted to sell a pair for $1,400. The highest? Twenty-two-hundred-bucks. Different messages trampled those "normal" updates with people trying to cash in on the demand to even see the show. "SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY" looked more like a giant stop signs. "HMU," the shorthand way of saying "hit me up," loomed so imposingly you'd have thought it was a statue erected by God himself.

If you couple that with the $80 parking closest to Minute Maid and you damn near have $500 spent just getting INSIDE to see the show. We're not even talking money in regards to buying merch, just getting past the lengthy security pat-downs and into a seat.

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Denise Vedder
Denise Vedder

Beyonce is from Houston so of course she will be the highlight of that show. I can't say I even much care for her anymore; the music is all raunchifed now. Damn sure ain't paying that kinda $$$!

Torri Moore
Torri Moore

Well slap them shorts on her that the lil nine yr old had on and stand her on the corner then....smh

Jesihkah Rabbitt
Jesihkah Rabbitt

Yeah they took that shit a lil too far. My daughter not allowed to go to the beyonce concert.. (Ike Turner voice)

Jesihkah Rabbitt
Jesihkah Rabbitt

Torri Moore Michele Lady Puba Smith my daughter would NOT have been wearing no damn shirt that say: "I've Been Dranking" with a damn watermelon slice on it. Oh no ma'am bitch... no she would not have been wearing no such shit. Hell, me neither.

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