Weird Al's 10 Best Forgotten Parodies

4. "Airline Amy" (Nick Lowe)
In 1992, a Nick Lowe parody wasn't exactly timely, but this one was buried at the back side of Al's massive Off the Deep End. It's another style parody, and it's one of the most fun tracks on the record.

3. "Talk Soup" (Peter Gabriel)
One of Al's greatest songs was a total accident. This one started off when E! asked him to write a theme song for their show Talk Soup. When they rejected it, it ended up on one of his most overlooked records, Alapalooza. Yet it is a brilliant style parody of Peter Gabriel's '80s work, and one of Al's best original tracks.

2. "Livin' in the Fridge" (Aerosmith)
Another great one off of Alapalooza, this Aerosmith parody was not only dead-on, but was one of Al's funniest "food songs" in a long, long time at that point.

1. "Germs" (Nine Inch Nails)
I could see Trent Reznor as a Howard Hughes-esque psychotic germophobe, at least during his strung-out '90s period, so this dead on parody of "Closer" is pretty accurate even lyrically. It's crazy to me that people didn't pick up on this one more, but it may have just been a hair too late in 1999 on Running with Scissors.


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