The 10 Dirtiest Band Names We Could Find

Photo by Igor Mukhin via Wiki
Pussy Riot
These days it doesn't matter much what you name your band, because Bandcamp doesn't have any silly content standards for you to worry about. That's nice for punk and metal, because those dudes love to name their bands after completely sick shit. And they wonder why they have a reputation for being disagreeable...

It was different back in the day though, when the PMRC standards were still in place and you could hardly get away with having a curse word on your albums without Walmart refusing to sell it. That makes it all the more fun to look at bands whose names would have made Tipper Gore have a heart attack.

10. Perfect Pussy
This New York punk band is one of the most popular in the indie-rock world right now, but their name is even censored on their YouTube account.

9. Pearl Jam
This one should be really obvious, but the band has still maintained it was named after the great homemade jam from Eddie Vedder's great-grandmother used to make. Yeah, right.

8. Stone Temple Pilots
Though their meaningless name isn't dirty in and of itself, they were really just going for the intials "STP," and one of their ideas to achieve that goal was to call themselves "Shirley Temple's Pussy." You can imagine how well that would have gone over in the early '90s.

7. Starfucker
Apparently realizing that their name wasn't exactly marketable, this band has even attempted to change or abbreviate their name a few times just to distance themselves from the bad word.

6. Anal Cunt
Anal Cunt was about nothing more than being offensive (check song titles like "Hitler Was a Sensitive Man"), so I doubt they much cared about the marketability of their name. Still, most releases simply said "AxCx" on them.

5. Rotting Christ
Debuting in the '80s, Rotting Christ probably has a much easier time getting booked these days than they did when they started. It still didn't stop Megadeth's Dave Mustaine from once getting them removed from a bill they were on together due to his own Christian beliefs, though.

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