UPDATED: Seven Years of Lunaface: The Illest Promoters in Town

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Photos by Marco Torres
Lunaface founder Hector Del Valle
UPDATED (Tuesday, 2 p.m.): An earlier version of this article credited Lunaface for bringing Wu-Tang clan to Numbers in December 2010, which is not the case.

For the better part of the last decade, Lunaface Promotions has provided Houston music fans with top-notch showcases that range from classic hip-hop, rock en Español, legendary DJs, musica Latina, hardcore rap, local talent, and even jazz.

Founder Hector Del Valle is constantly in search of the next great show, something he learned from his years an an understudy of Jeff Messina and passing out flyers all through his twenties.

Lunaface celebrates its 7-year anniversary tonight with The God MC Rakim at Numbers (300 Westheimer). Here's a look of some of their highlights from the last seven years.

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The Legendary Kashmere Stage Band @ Fitzgerald's
July 2012
Memorable Because:
This was KSB's homecoming show after the documentary film "Thunder Soul" was released. The band barely had enough room to breathe on that stage, but they still played their hearts off and gave the crowd one of the best shows imaginable.

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Action Bronson @ Numbers
Sept 2012
Memorable Because:
Bronsalino took the show off the stage, into the crowd, ordered a drink at the bar, then lead an impromptu parade onto Westheimer Road. It was wild and unexpected and simply awesome to see.

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Orbit Recs
Orbit Recs

Good job Lunaface. It's good to see local and independent events get some recognition. HP should look into other people and agencies that have done the same or even more for the local music scene, especially with Latin Rock music like Acetrax Music and Entertainment or Rock en houston.

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