Love Dominique Ready to Crash the Men's Club of Houston R&B

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Love Dominique, released this past Tuesday, is sparse, an effort that swells all the insight and vulnerability that her Wicked Heart EP created, and expands on it. It took one breakup, in her words,, to propel certain songs from the album such as "Lonely" to being created. Other efforts, the sexually tinged "Tonight" and mid-tempo, spaced out "Down" to dig around but her vibrato is best served here digging into her own heart, her trials and tribulations.

To her, Love Dominique (released this week) was purely by accident.

"Wicked Heart just came out in September, but the demand for it after it started moving up the was time," she says.

That project, only six tracks long, brought her to the big stage. It made such a significant dent on the iTunes chart that the Altavoz entertainment company came calling. Then the fan tweets came pouring in and shows outside of Houston arrived with. All of the songs written since she started recording in 2009 paid off. Love Dominique was a minor star.

Houston's underground R&B scene, for all intents and purposes, has a hierarchy that is dominated by males such as Jack Freeman, Lee-Lonn, Ken Randle and more. Yet on the female side, there's just Dominique and maybe Just Brittany.

"I'm just trying to push it. I'm out there trying to push it." she affirms. "I'll always have time to go back to doing my old job. But when the biggest pop star in the world is from Houston, If she can come out of Third Ward, why can't I?"

Love Dominique's CD release party is tonight at Warehouse Live, 813 St. Emanuel. Doors open at 7 p.m.


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Warehouse Live

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