Lady Gaga at Toyota Center, 7/16/2014

Maybe that's the only kind of world in which Lady Gaga feels truly comfortable. Surrounded by many thousands of her closest strangers, she felt comfortable enough to let it all hang out literally when she indulged in one of her many costume changes right there in the middle of the stage, peeling off the wig and bustier in front of everybody.

As she tore through "Bad Romance" and "Applause" with the confetti cannon on full blast, it was hard to imagine that the Lady is losing her touch. It felt more like she was happily retreating into the many arenas packed full of adoring crowds ready to support her every move. Yes, she's finding it difficult to top her monster debut. So what? Hard to hear much criticism over all that screaming and cheering.

Personal Bias: There is only one Madonna.

The Crowd: Large and colorful.

Overheard in the Crowd: "Work, bitch! Work! We love youuu!"

Random Notebook Dump: There were a number of hits that would have been far more ecstatically received that most of the ARTPOP stuff. But it's hard to criticize a show for what it wasn't.


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Toyota Center

1510 Polk, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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typo in first line of post

Manda Miller
Manda Miller

It was the BEST Lady Gaga concert I've been to! And yes, even as a HUGE Madonna fan, I am a Monster! And I think it was Lady Starlight not Lady Nightshade.


And what do you know? Another tired, hackneyed Madonna comparison. Lady Gaga is not Madonna, she has not attempted to become Madonna, she is nothing like Madonna; stop attempting to compare two hugely successful artists who have nothing in common other than a tendency to push the envelope. No one has become a living-art piece like Gaga has through her costumes and her performances; Gaga is an original. She will continue to be successful, even if Madonna fans like these keep attempting to frame her career as being in a downward slide. One massively successful album that's been accused of underperforming will not kill the career of the most successful artist alive.


What the hell? Reviews haven't been mixed. They've been overwhelmingly positive. It's incredible watching people scramble to proclaim that her reign as number one is over even though ARTPOP went number one, sold exactly the same amount as every major popstar in the game and had a smash hit. These people really are desperate to see the best fail, even if they have to invent a failure to write about.

CoryGarcia moderator

Would you say she... ;;puts on sunglasses;; lived for the applause?



@FabricatedNaratives Ever heard of Grace Jones? Take a look at her career and then decide whether or not Gaga is original.

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