Scenes From the 2014 H-Town Sneaker Summit

Photos by Marco Torres
"I got more soul than Nike Airs, givin MCs nightmares"
-- Big L, "I Don't Understand It" (1995)

I have to admit, I'm not a sneaker head. Until yesterday I had never worn, much less owned, a pair of Jordans. Sure, I remember being the cool kid in the class when my mom bought me a pair of Nike Huaraches back in middle school, but I was more comfortable wearing Vans and Airwalks and Adidas.

I do, however, see the appeal of it all. If your homie from down the block collects sneakers, and the cool chica who is friends with your cousin is always wearing a fresh pair of J's, and your favorite rapper rhymes about his Yeezy's or whatever...It becomes more than just shoes. It becomes a community.

And that's what HTown Sneaker Summit founder Bryan Angelle, better known as Kadoma, has cultivated with the biannual athletic-shoe and urban-wear convention that is celebrating its ten year anniversary this year. The event attracts thousands of sneaker aficionados to venues such as former East End venue Meridian, downtown's Toyota Center, and for the past two years NRG Center (formerly Reliant).

More than 5,000 sneaker freaks attended Sunday afternoon's Sneaker Summit, including several of the city's most talented rappers, DJs, and MCs, and dancers. So sit back, listen to this mix by DJ Mr. Rogers, and check out the day in photos:

Kadoma working hard minutes before the doors open on Sunday afternoon.

Can't argue with this logic!

Southeast rapper Doeman's custom #Goldblooded Lebrons.

The line to get in snaked all the way around the building.

God bless Texas!

Dat Boi T, aka the Screwed Up Essay holding it down.

DJ Dayta (Krackernuttz) spinning; DJ Oak Cliff on the mike.

More photos on the next page.

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NRG Center

8400 Kirby, Houston, TX

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