Houston's 10 Best Concerts Between Now and Labor Day

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Photo by Christopher Victorio
Nine Inch Nails at New Orleans' Voodoo Fest, 2008
Note: this article has been amended to reflect the fact that Death Grips is no longer with us.

Fitzgerald's, August 4

After putting on some of the most exciting live shows of the last decade with their bands At the Drive-In and The Mars Volta, El Paso natives Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala are back with their latest band, Antemasque. Texas has the distinct pleasure of hosting their first round of shows with their new band, rounded out by former Volta and Killer Be Killed drummer Dave Elitch, which should be just as rocking as every other show the pair has hosted in Houston. COREY DEITERMAN

Photo by Jody Perry
Aimee Mann at House of Blues, September 2013
The Both
Fitzgerald's, August 13

Ted Leo and Aimee Mann's collaborative project The Both didn't quite live up to expectations, but the two are exceptionally talented musicians with rich back catalogs. Their live performance should include a good roundup of all their greatest songs, along with the brighter moments of their recent record together. It's pretty much a can't-lose opportunity to see these two veterans firing on all cylinders. COREY DEITERMAN

Crosby, Stills, and Nash
Bayou Music Center, August 25

A song for every moment, for every feeling: Crosby, Stills, and Nash are an American jewel. With insurmountable natural talent, harmonies that could melt stone, and true lyrical content that connects to the soul, this band transcends space and time. Their live shows have proven the same. With a songbook of singable classics and a history of interpersonal drama, CSN's stage show should be full of heart and amazing music. SELENA DIERINGER

Walters, July 10

Appearances by legendary New York street survivors the Cro-Mags are rare, indeed, in this part of the world, so if you've got any interest in catching the absolute cream of the Crossover Era crop, this is your chance.

The Mags' punishing mix of metallic riffage and hardcore, tough-guy sing-alongs are expressly designed to incite violent mayhem, so watch out for tattooed types with something to prove on the dance floor. Even if you do go home with a bloody nose, though, at least you'll have a cool story about the time you got your ass kicked by a vegan. NATHAN SMITH

Counting Crows, Toad the Wet Sprocket
Bayou Music Center, July 29

Twenty years ago, Counting Crows recorded one of the best sad sack albums ever, August and Everything After. The record's 11 tracks were like auditory barbiturates, changing bright moods to sullen mopiness in just under an hour. And, damn it, we loved them for that.

"Mr. Jones," was an MTV staple and made us all wonder if Adam Duritz was really trying to sound like Van Morrison or just naturally did. It remains one of the best examples of a song that sounds buoyant but is crafted from self-pity and tears. Beautiful human stuff. The band had some subsequent hits like "A Long December" and "Big Yellow Taxi," but I'll be at the show for August... and to be reminded of what my late twenties and all their self-doubt sounded like. JESSE SENDEJAS JR.

Houston Summer Jam
NRG Arena, August 2

After five long years, the "Free Boosie" campaign has finally paid off. The Baton Rouge rapper, fresh out the joint, returns to Houston at last this summer to headline what should be a pretty big damn show at the former Reliant Arena. As always, there's no guarantee how long somebody with Lil' Boosie's troubled history with the law will stay out of trouble, so catch him while you can. And for God's sake, try to drop the thug pose long enough to smile and have a good time for a minute or two. NATHAN SMITH

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Queen with Adam Lambert is kicking ass all over North America. Saw two shows last weekend. Adam's vocals blew the roof off The Joint.

Albert Nurick
Albert Nurick

Queen and Adam Lambert. Friends who've seen the tour said it is a fantastic show.

Fawaz Khayat
Fawaz Khayat

No mention of Peter Murphy at Scout Bar? Oh wait..It's Houston Press.

Brian Smith
Brian Smith

How did you forget Panda Bear @ Fitzgerald's? I don't think that's after Labor Day.

Danny Dyer
Danny Dyer

did you guys forget about the fact that Death Grips broke up just a few days ago or what :)


Death Grips stopped being Death Grips. From the T-Rez tweets I saw, it looks like they dropped off the tour as well.  


Peter Murphy is not very exciting in 2014, we can all admit that.


Some things are meant to be forgotten.

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