Five Artists Cameron Crowe Should Base His TV Show On

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Cameron Crowe's last foray into the world of rock.
Director Cameron Crowe has never made a TV show before, but he's currently at work developing one for Showtime, treading some familiar territory for him: rock bands. Specifically, he'll be turning his attention onto roadies, and the trials and tribulations they go through while working for famous rockers.

There's probably a million stories to tell about this subject, and the Almost Famous director will surely plumb the depths of those stories for ideas. That being said, we came up with a few suggestions for who he might start off with.

5. Metallica
With their movie last year, Through the Never, Metallica explored the world of one of their own roadies. Now, I'm sure this one wasn't based on a true story since I don't think any of that supernatural stuff that happens in it is possible. I don't know. Maybe anything is possible with the power of rock and roll.

In any case, we wouldn't mind if Crowe bit from this movie just a tad and spiced up his show with undead horsemen, superpowers and anarchist riots, set to metal backing tracks, because why not? Or maybe he should just keep it focused in reality, as I'm sure roadies deal with plenty of interesting things that are based solely within the realm of known physics.

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4. Ozzy Osbourne
Like being a roadie for Ozzy in the '80s for instance. We've all heard the stories of Ozzy snorting ants with Motley Crue just for the hell of it and biting the heads off flying creatures. Can you even imagine being a roadie for the guy back then? It must have been insane.

I'm sure if Crowe can track any of those guys down, if, in fact, any of them made it through the '80s alive to tell the tale, then he'll have plenty to write about for his TV show.

3. The Rolling Stones
It's essentially the same idea as Ozzy here. I mean, whoever was going around harvesting drugs for Keith Richards and Mick Jagger must have some stories to tell.
On the other hand, Jagger is hard at work developing his own show about a rock and roll band with director Martin Scorsese, so he might be saving those stories for himself.

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