Doctor Who's Five Best Recent Pop-Song Parodies

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Whenever I hear that a new song sensation is sweeping the radio waves, I do two things. First, I take a moment to try and remember what radio is and whether or not it matters (spoiler: it doesn't). Second, I wait approximately three to five days for a Doctor Who-inspired version to end up on YouTube.

In this way I manage to experience all the earworminess of modern pop radio without being force to wed them to terrible lyrics by terrible people about terrible things. I just get to go on about my day pretending every song is secretly about The Doctor anyway.

If you're of the same ilk, here are five of the biggest pop hits of the past several years that have been Doctored (I kill me) for a Whovian's tastes.

5. "Doctor Who" (after "22," Taylor Swift)
Doctor Who parody songs fall roughly into two categories. The first are songs about Doctor Who itself; weirdly, the second is songs about watching the show. Granted, it's well-known that Whovians are a particularly intense lot likely to burst into tears at a moment's notice while sitting on the couch on Saturdays, which is the sort of thing that binds people better than the straitjacket we probably need.

In that second category, I find Mismatched Marz's take on Taylor Swift's "22" to be the best of the lot. She's got a hell of a voice and a gift for a really digging into the heart of fandom.

4. "Tick Tock Goes the Clock" (after "Tik Tok," Kesha)
Believe it or not, I actually heard this version of "Tik Tok" before I'd even heard of Kesha...which led to me learning about Kesha...which contributed to the overall drinking problem, but that's not important. Speaker is the man behind it, and it's nice to see a song more focused on Eleven than Ten for a change. Nothing wrong with David Tennant, of course, but most songs tend to be more like, well...

3. "Time Travel Maybe" (after "Call Me Maybe," Carly Rae Jepsen)
That's Yukeh taking on "Call Me Maybe," a song that if you could collect royalties on parodies would probably make Carly Rae Jepsen the richest musician since Nero (The emperor, not those guys that hang with Skrillex). It's a great cover, even if it's Tennant fangirl fodder for the most part. Also, does anyone else find her saying, "So land it, baby" to be, like, really pornographic? Just me? OK.

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Kathy Stabe
Kathy Stabe

You forgot The Hillywood Show's Time Warp. It's exquisite.

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