My Ex Is a Cheating Man-Whore. Help!

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Dear Willie D:

There's this girl I like that goes to school with me. Her dad and my dad just became friends so I'm starting to see her more often now and even talk to her on the phone. There is a party this weekend with all of my schoolmates and she will be there. I plan on kissing her, but I don't know where to start. I don't want to mess it up. We're both 15. How should I go about kissing her?

First Kiss:

The first smooch is like sealing a relationship with a kiss. If you do it right, you're good. If you do it wrong, things could go bad real fast. Don't work yourself up with too much planning. Planting the perfect kiss in real life seldom turns out the way it does in the movies. Just relax and let it flow naturally. Try to pull her away from her friends so you can enjoy her company alone.

Make her feel special by asking about her personal interests and listening to her. When it's time for you guys to part ways, lean in and give her a kiss. The degree of affection and where you place the kiss should be determined by how well the two of you are vibing. If the vibe is strong, lean in and give her a soft kiss on the lips. If it's average, kiss her on the cheek or her forehead. If it's below average, skip the kiss altogether and give her a quick homey hug and call it a night.

If you choose option one, play it safe and kiss her with a closed mouth. Exchanging bodily fluids can ruin a first kiss for a young girl who may not be quite ready.


Dear Willie D:

My brother is a sex offender, and I'm torn between protecting his relationship with his new girlfriend and protecting her very young daughter from possibly being harmed by him. They have been dating for a year and his girlfriend still doesn't know he is a registered sex offender. Sometimes when I see the little girl I wonder if my brother has already gotten to her.

He shows her the same kind of excessive attention that he showed his last girlfriend's daughter. I love my brother, but I don't trust him around underage girls. I want him to be happy, but not at the risk of a child's well-being. Should I inform his girlfriend of his past or stay quiet and hope for the best?

Torn Sister:

When a child molester has private access to a child, you don't stay quiet and hope for the best; you expose him. If left in the company of an offender too long, the smartest kid is not savvy enough to avoid being seduced by a clever and experienced child molester. If you don't inform the mother and something happens to that baby, you would be just as guilty and thereby deserving of the same punishment as your child-molesting brother.

Let the mother know what type of man is in the presence of her daughter so she can take the necessary precautions to protect her daughter. If it were your daughter, you would want to know.

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how freaking hard is it to unfriend someone on FB? 

Jenn M. Smith
Jenn M. Smith

The best thing I ever did was cut my cheating, lying, manwhore ex out of my life. Sucks to be his new wife.

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