"Welcome to Houston" FPSF Set Could Lead to Album and Tour...Eventually

Photos by Marco Torres
"Anything is possible."

That was the response we received from Bun B's management team when we asked them to confirm the following rumor: A "Welcome to Houston" full-length album (not mixtape) and tour are in the works.

Monday night, Rocks Off received notice from a source that after providing a spectacular performance at Free Press Summer Fest last Saturday evening, the Welcome to Houston six (Bun B, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Devin The Dude and Z-Ro) all agreed to the project.

Now, we know that logistically this will take some time. Schedules have to be aligned, money negotiations have to take place, and promotions and bookings allowances must be made. It's not like this core of the Houston Rap Elite sits down and waits for opportunities like this to fall into their laps.

They all straight-up hustle, 24/7. Paul Wall has 15 tour dates this month alone. Slim travels all over for shows. Devin is on tour. Bun is halfway through his The Trillest Tour, and is on his way to participate in the annual Gumball 3000 rally that will take him from Miami to Ibiza.

In other words, shit's gonna take awhile.

But the concept is exciting. Even if each show on the proposed tour attracts only a quarter of the immense number of people that blanketed Allen Parkway to see the rappers at the festival, that alone would be a success. Many took to Twitter to express their enjoyment, stating that seeing Mike Jones perform "Still Tippin" with Paul and Slim for the first time in ten years was the highlight of their FPSF experience.

Of course, we then have to wonder what exactly a Welcome to Houston album would entail. Would it be remixes or rearrangements of their classics, or will it be brand-new collaborative tracks? With the abundance of talented producers in this city, most of them would jump at the chance to provide a track for this project. Then we have to think about the epic music videos that might stem from all of this. The possibilities are limitless.

Before the show, the guys were extremely excited about the set. They even went to rehearsal. "These guys don't do rehearsal usually," Gu, Paul Wall's manager, told us. And with Bun B taking the opportunity to remind everyone that this was something big, something special, the mood was electric.

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Jacob Bocanegra
Jacob Bocanegra

oh God no. please these ppl washed up. Drake is the king of Htown and he ain't even from here....Kanye making hot sht and these dudes still rapping about weed and syrup...smh

Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo

With the exceptions of bun b, cham, Devin the dude, fat tony. Everyone else is hot trash on a houston July evening. Smh

Jacob Calle
Jacob Calle

That would be amazing. Watching that set to me was like watching the 92 basketball Dream Team. Couldn't find better rap than what was happening. Thanks for sharing.

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