20 Truths That You Realize at the Vans Warped Tour

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11. Warped Tour isn't afraid to challenge your expectations; this year they put the dance music stage right inside the gates, which meant there was a good chance when you walked in the first thing you heard was not a power chord but a trap beat. This is awesome if you show up when Crizzly is onstage.

12. A circle pit is always a good idea. Yeah, there are signs that say no moshing or crowd-surfing, but a circle pit isn't a mosh or a crowd-surf, it's simply a group of people running in a circle at the same time. Totally different. Totally.

13. There will always be awesome parents willing to take one for the team. Veteran Warped Tour Parents know to head straight to the adult day-care.

14. The festival will always been a marvel of logistics. I can't imagine how big of a pain it must be to keep that many people and objects organized on a given day, let alone place to place.

15. If you keep your ears open, there's a good chance you'll find a new band to fall in love with. This year my new band is Courage My Love, who wasn't even on my radar when I walked in to the fest, but were so good I had to stop and pay attention.

16. There's always one odd stage sponsor. This year, for my money, it was WARHEADS. And hey, if Kia can afford to ship a car around the country, shouldn't WARHEADS be obligated to ship a giant candy as well?

17. It is entirely possible to have a great day at Warped in a few hours, if the schedule works in your favor. Plenty of folks were calling it a day by 3 p.m. with smiles on their faces.

18. There is nothing more frustrating than standing in the sun when you can see a rain shower on the horizon.

19. If you offer people the chance to cover themselves in paint, they will take it.

20. No matter how many times you've told yourself you're never going to Warped again, you will, because it's the best way to spend an afternoon in the summer.


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Noelle A. Perry
Noelle A. Perry

14. The festival will always been a marvel of logistics. get a proofreader. please.

Nue Wayv
Nue Wayv

You forgot, if CSC is doing security and you crowd surf, there's a 99% they are going to drop you

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