20 Truths That You Realize at the Vans Warped Tour

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Photo by Marco Torres
Courage My Love prove meeting fans is easy.
The little Summer music festival that refuses to call it quits kicked off year 20 with a warm day in Houston. This city and Warped have a special relationship at this point: the tour either starts or ends here, which means for a lot of folks Summer starts or ends in Houston. It's hard to say which is better: the start means everyone is fresh and has the most energy, but the end means that it's a celebration of another year conquered.

Whether it's a celebration of beginnings or endings, there are certain things that happen every year without fail. Here are 20 of them that we counted this year:

1. No matter what the lineup is, no matter how hot the day is, no matter what day of the week the show takes place on, people will show up.

2. No matter if you were there before the gates opened, showed up mid-afternoon, or are squeezing in a few hours after work, you aren't going to be the only person entering the park at any given moment.

3. If you're willing to skip a few bands to wait in line, there's a good chance you can meet your favorite band and get a picture with them.

4. People will in fact skip seeing music to wait in line to meet a band, even if that means skipping seeing the band they're waiting in line to meet.

5. Less Than Jake is always a solid addition to your schedule; this year they'll play their 365th show on the Warped Tour, so needless to say they've perfected the art of the Warped Tour set.

6. Even if you've already seen a band on the tour recently, go see them again anyway; in the case of Finch, you might actually get to hear a song or two from their second record.

7. For every band you've never heard of, at least ten people are going to show up and sing along. If they're on a big stage, that number goes up to at least 50.

8. The stage layout will always be slightly different, no matter how many times the tour comes to the same venue.

9. People will sit anywhere -- under trees, far away from any of the stages, near garbage containers -- if it means sitting in the shade.

10. People who love animals will try and convince you about the evils of eating meat, and will kill a lot of trees to do so.

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Noelle A. Perry
Noelle A. Perry

14. The festival will always been a marvel of logistics. get a proofreader. please.

Nue Wayv
Nue Wayv

You forgot, if CSC is doing security and you crowd surf, there's a 99% they are going to drop you

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