20 Bands to Check Out at the 20th Vans Warped Tour

Less Than Jake
This is their 9th time on the Warped Tour, which makes them the old vets of this tour. They're basically incapable of having a bad show. There might be bands you've never seen when they're on stage, but seriously, go see them anyway.

MC Chris
Because he's an awesome dude with awesome songs who gives awesome interviews.

The Protomen
All of their songs are part of an elaborate rock opera about Mega Man. Yeah, that Mega Man. It's even more amazing than you can imagine.

Saves the Day
Even though you haven't listened to it in half a decade, you probably still know all the words to "At Your Funeral." Think about it for a moment. See? Still there.

I shouldn't have to sell you on Terror, because you should know Terror are the shit. They've been putting out consistently good hardcore for a while now, and you owe them a few minutes of your time.

We Are the In Crowd
"Kiss Me Again" is a pop-punk "Need You Now." Oh, don't make that face, it's great.


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CoryGarcia moderator

They were on the bubble. Here's the write up;


I was in radio the first time I heard "Foreign Language." I nodded solemnly at the first line. I still love that song to this day.

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