What FPSF Looked Like to the Festival's Vendors

Photos by Selena Dieringer
Alex during his shift at a FSPF bar tent
Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work at FPSF? Those of us who have ever willingly worked or volunteered for a festival know that the experience is largely contingent upon interaction with the public. This past Saturday, Rocks Off asked four delightful characters to tell us a little bit about their own experiences this year.

Great news, Houston: apparently, we as a group are an extremely nice bunch. Not so shocking: drunk people are obnoxious.

BOOTH: "The Hard Stuff" (bar)
VENDOR: Alex, age 19

This was Alex's first time attending FPSF as either a vendor or a participant. He was here slanging booze to raise money for his fraternity, Sam Houston ATO, said that he had the option to leave his booth whatever time he'd like as long as it was well-staffed. (That being said, we think he was really enjoying selling beer to girls.)

One of the legitimately nicest people we've ever talked to at a festival, sweet Alex told us that concertgoers were super-friendly and considerate with the exception of drunk people, who were occasionally belligerent and demanding (shocking). Alex was hoping he'd be able to leave the booth to see Childish Gambino, and solidifying our adoration for this collegiate gentleman, upon being asked what the craziest thing he had seen so far, he earnestly told us, "Well, I've seen some boobs." You go, Alex.

BOOTH: Les Báget Vietnamese Food Truck
VENDOR: Angie, age 31

Talking to Angie, you could tell that she is a ridiculously hard-working person, so FPSF was just another opportunity to hustle her wares. It was her second year working FPSF, and she's never attended outside of the food truck. In a word, she described the festival as "crazy," much in part to drunk people being ridiculous.

She said that tipsy girls kept trying to steal their beverages, and before we arrived, a girl had completely passed out in front of the truck (mind that this was at about 5 p.m., when the fest had only been reopened for a blink). Angie said that she received good treatment from everyone, who all seemed to be in good spirits despite the weather and the evacuation. Not surprisingly, she also said that she hadn't had an opportunity to leave the booth all day because they had been slammed. Get it, Angie. Get it.

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