The Five Best Songs About the End of the World

2. Black Sabbath, "Electric Funeral"
This one is all in the imagery. It ranges from atomic destruction to Book of Revelation, but it's all about the destruction of the Earth and the end times. The wordplay is amazing, and the sights and sounds are a perfect picture painted by writer Geezer Butler.

Before they were known for all the silly Satanic tropes which they exploited to ridiculousness on their recent reunion record 13, Sabbath could churn out some truly stomach turning poetry.

1. Bob Dylan, "Talkin' World War III Blues"
Leave it to the typically depressing Bob Dylan to come up with the funniest song about the end of the world. Instead of focusing on all the destruction and death, he focuses on the lighter side of being one of the last people left alive after everything is wiped away by war.

The song does have its dark side considering the subject matter, but Dylan's black comedy really takes hold and makes this one a lot of fun.


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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Awful.  Simply awful.

5: REM's nonsense

4 Def Leppard Armagedden it

3 Heart All I wanna do

2 Whodini Freaks come out at Night

1: Aerosmith.

Horrible.  I wrote this in 5 minutes and still killed your ideas.  :-p


What about Barry McGuire Eve of Destruction.

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