The Best Things We Overheard at Free Press Summer Fest

Photo by Jim Bricker
"She was doing this (imitates Wolf of Wall Street chest-thumps). I almost punched her in her fucking face"
-- girl to a group of her friends about another girl after the Welcome to Houston performance. I think she wasn't a fan of Leo not winning an Oscar or something.

"I don't fucking care about his problems, I have all my money and all my beer!"

-- a shirtless bro rather content about his lot in life compared to someone else in his party whom he couldn't find

Drunk girl waves over to someone in the VIP area:
Drunk Girl: asfalsj asdfoaho fasdfabo.
VIP Guy looks puzzled. He moves closer:
VIP Guy: I don't understand what you're saying.
Drunk Girl: dfasdfhoi dafsd bibuer beer.
VIP Guy: I'm sorry, I can't understand what you're saying.
Girl 2 (leaning over Drunk Girl to address VIP Guy): Do not give her any more alcohol.

"Step then, bitch!"

-- one young woman challenging another to a fistfight for nudging ahead of her in the mud pit moments before Vampire Weekend's set

"I hate those fucking beach balls. They always hit me in the head"

-- Unlucky woman in the Die Antwoord crowd

"I ate enough paper to fill a notebook."
-- Random guy explaining to listeners his FPSF acid experience

A fest-goer with an empty cup asked a stranger if he'd accept $10 in exchange for six ounces of his unopened beer. The beer-holder said that seemed a bit steep. Empty Cup reminded Beer-Holder since he had the commodity, he could set the price. Once the economics lesson ended, one guy had a filled cup and the other had five bucks.

"We're all human water balloons"

-- One young man explaining water conductivity to his friend under the threat of storms before Vampire Weekend's set

"Wow. Half the crowd cheered and half the crowd booed"

-- Jack White commenting on the audience reaction to mentioning the Astros, after explaining he and his kids had seen a ballgame Saturday at Minute Maid


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"This guy in the parking garage keeps trying to sell me acid" -dude on twitter during evacuation

Erica Murphey
Erica Murphey

I cracked up at the quote about beer and ugly girls.

Sid Jacobson
Sid Jacobson

Jaaaaaaaacccccckkkkk blaaaaaaacccccckkkkk.


My fave was the white girl screaming "jaaaaacccckkkk blaaaaaacccckkk, jaccccccckkkkk blackkkkkk

Kaeleigh Jordan
Kaeleigh Jordan

Why would they make JUPITER the SMALLEST stage??" -- random guy who came up to debate astronomy Favorite.


Stepping out of a port-o-potty, an intoxicated young lady said to her friend, "Sorry, it wouldn't flush."


Stepping out of a port-o-potty, an intoxicated young lady said to her friend, "Sorry, it wouldn't flush.

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