The Beautiful Game Is a Beautiful Thing at El Big Bad

Photos by Aaron Champenoy

A battle cry is being sounded across the bar by an overzealous fan. It's the tenth time he's done so, making it appear as though his boasting button stuck on repeat.

Every time his Netherlands team scores against Spain, his drawn-out call elicits looks of fury from the opposing team's fans. The breakneck speed in which they glare causes them to nearly spill their beers in the process.

The team from the Netherlands is dominating this opening-round match of the World Cup, which is infuriating their rivals. The shouts of "Orange! Orange!" - the Dutch team takes its nickname from the color of its jerseys - over the obnoxious "Goaaaaaaallllllllll" calls are as much fighting words as cries of victory.

Located right in the middle of downtown Houston, El Big Bad (419 Travis) is normally pretty sedate. The bar is intense this Friday afternoon, but it's still the perfect place to meet up to watch the planet's most popular sporting event.

An offshoot of the now-defunct El Gran Malo, this rebooted bar has an intimidating drink menu to match its name. El Big Bad (English for "El Gran Malo") has no shame about boasting that it serves some of the best margaritas in the city; luckily, it lives up to its claim. Well-crafted drinks and a great bar scene make it the perfect place to meet a friend or two for a cocktail after work.

But there are no after-work apertifs or light chatter to be found today. It's the second day of the World Cup's month-long tournament, and El Big Bad has opened the doors to the soccer crowd. The match is being projected on four screens, and between the game and the drink specials, the bar is full of boisterous soccer fans. They're dressed in clashes of red and orange, primed for one hell of a match.

"Hey! Look! Gooooooooooooaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllll!"

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El Big Bad

419 Travis St, Houston, TX

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Elias Leal
Elias Leal

Yeah right , I don't think so with the MTV Rap crap & Mutants in charge of entertainment good luck with making America happy loser pay up on your taxes bitch !

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