The 15 Most Messed-Up O.J. Simpson Lyrics

"Picture Me Rollin'." Tupac Shakur (1996)

Picture me rollin' n****, legit
Free like O.J. all day
You can't stop me

"The Playboy Mansion," U2 (1997)

If O.J. is more than a drink, a Big Mac bigger than you think
If perfume is an Obsession, then talk shows confession
What have we got to lose?

"Stronger," Kanye West (2007)

You know how long I've been on you?
Since Prince was on Appolonia
Since O.J. had Isotoners

* -- an ill-fitting Isotoner glove was a key point in Simpson's defense, immortalized in attorney Johnnie Cochrane's line, "if it don't fit, you must acquit." One of Simpson's other defense attorneys was the late Robert Kardashian, aka Kanye's biological father-in-law.

"These Are Our Heroes," Nas (2004)
Keep gettin' accused for abusin' White pussy
From O.J. to Kobe, uh let's call him Tobe*
First he played his life cool just like Michael
Now he rock ice too just like I do

* -- a reference to Alex Haley's multigenerational slavery-themed novel, Roots

Track 4 (Go DJ Freestyle)," Kendrick Lamar (2013)

A baller slash killer like O.J. Simpson

"Virginia," Clipse (2002)

In Virginia, we smirked at that Simpson trial
Yeah, I guess the chase was wild
But what's the fuss about?
See, plenty my partners feelin' like O.J.
Beat murder like the shit is OK


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Magneto Dayo Had the Hottest line up there!!!!!!!!!!


You missed probably the best one, from "Get Some Money & Go 2 Jail" by Ahmad (feat. Crooked I)

"OJ got away with murder the jury fell the okie doke

Then he end’d up going to jail for his Heisman trophy tho "

Rosemary Rosas Englishbee
Rosemary Rosas Englishbee

Push Monkey did a song at Fitzgerald's the night of the car chase. 'All you do is stab, stab, stab, guilty, guilty.'


Beat King "Ima OJ stab her till that hammer hit her bladder"

Rachel Mann
Rachel Mann

Yall missed Houston's own Beat King Kong... "Ima OJ stab her till that hammer hit her bladder" which may arguably be the worst one ever...


Field Mob - Channel 613, Pt. 1

I hopped out and rode with O.J,

rode the whole day

He told me caught Nicole and Ron Gold during four play

Killed'em both 

and throwed away 

the bloody glove in an old lake

I ain't sayin' he shoulda' killed her, but I understand...

Picture your broad riding in your car with another man

You giving your diesel

she blowing a hundred grand

Going shopping, 

call Cochran 

tell Cato to take the stand....

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