The 15 Most Messed-Up O.J. Simpson Lyrics

This week America is celebrating -- although that might not be precise terminology for such a dubious occasion -- the 20th anniversary of the Nicole Brown Simpson murders, in which the ex-wife of NFL Hall of Famer/actor O.J. Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were stabbed to death in the overnight hours of June 13, 1994. A few days later, O.J. opted to flee in a white Ford Bronco driven by his friend Al "A.C." Cowlings rather than surrender to police, touching off a nationally televised low-speed police chase that was eventually seen by an estimated 95 million people in the U.S. (Rockets fans might remember Game 5 of the 1994 NBA Finals versus the Knicks being interrupted by the chase; Houston lost the game but took the next two to win the city's first major-league sports championship since the 1961 Houston Oilers.)

After a couple of hours on the Southern California freeways Simpson returned home (or was escorted by cops), gave himself up and was ultimately acquitted in October 1995 after a trial lasting more than eight months. Today so many people remember their exact whereabouts upon learning the verdict that the event has been likened to the JFK assassination a generation before. Although public opinion about the trial has always been sharply divided (and split uncomfortably along racial lines, then and now), it's difficult to deny that the whole Simpson affair -- from fans holding "Run, O.J., Run" banners on freeway overpasses during the chase to the 24-7 coverage of the trial that set the contentious tone of cable news to this day -- held up a funhouse mirror to American society that showed us more than we really wanted to know.

Naturally, this all filtered into pop culture almost instantly. Oliver Stone spliced a few frames of the chase into his Natural Born Killers, which hit movie theaters about six weeks after Simpson's arrest. The late Tupac Shakur rapped the line "free like O.J. all day" on his song "Picture Me Rollin'"; its 1996 parent album, All Eyez On Me, was released a scant four months after the verdict. Shakur would be dead within a year, but lyrical references to O.J. would never stop.

Indeed, once we started looking, it did not take long at all to find a host of them, varying from comical to reprehensible. One is barely two months old. Another is by O.J. himself.

"Cuffin'," Cam'Ron (2010)

Homie, you can have her
I don't wanna marry her
Like O.J. Simpson, i just wanna stab her
Like O.J. the Juiceman, i'm flier than a sparrow

"Get Juiced," O.J. Simpson (2008)

Don't you know there's no stopping the Juice
When I'm on the floor I'm like a lion on the loose
Better shoot me with a tranquilizer dart
Don't be stupid, I'm not a Simpson named Bart

* -- before his December 2008 incarceration on several felony counts, including kidnapping, assault and robbery, Simpson released "Get Juiced" to promote a Punk'd-style video of pranks and stunts he had made. We only wish we were making that up.

"The Hop," A Tribe Called Quest (1996)

Now that I got that out my system
Watch me stab up the track as if my name was O.J. Simpson

"I'm In It," Kanye West (2013)
Rapped by Agent Sasco:
We ago smile 'pan court day
Because we beat murder charge like O.J.

"Marvin's Room (remix)," Lil Wayne (2011)

I ain't a killer but don't push me.
I O.J. Simpsoned that pussy

"Matanando Gueros (Killing Whiteys)," Brujeria (1997)

Killing whiteys -- Long live the Mexican race!!!
Killing whiteys -- Like the n****, O.J. Simpson!!!

* -- originally recorded in 1993; Simpson lyric was added for a 1997 7-inch single.

"O.J.," Young Jeezy (2011)

Kinda hard when you're sleeping on Dolce
Wake up drinkin Rose
Killin' that white bitch, O.J.

"O.J. Simpson," Nick Cannon feat. Polow da Don & Amba Shepherd (2014)

We killin' the club
O.J. Simpson

"O.J. Simpson (Tribute 2 the White Girl Mob)," Magneto Dayo (2013)

I got my O.J. gloves on O.J. gloves I got my O.J. gloves on
Yeah I keep that white girl that Marilyn Monroe
But you gon' fuck around and make me turn you to Nicole

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Magneto Dayo Had the Hottest line up there!!!!!!!!!!


You missed probably the best one, from "Get Some Money & Go 2 Jail" by Ahmad (feat. Crooked I)

"OJ got away with murder the jury fell the okie doke

Then he end’d up going to jail for his Heisman trophy tho "

Rosemary Rosas Englishbee
Rosemary Rosas Englishbee

Push Monkey did a song at Fitzgerald's the night of the car chase. 'All you do is stab, stab, stab, guilty, guilty.'


Beat King "Ima OJ stab her till that hammer hit her bladder"

Rachel Mann
Rachel Mann

Yall missed Houston's own Beat King Kong... "Ima OJ stab her till that hammer hit her bladder" which may arguably be the worst one ever...


Field Mob - Channel 613, Pt. 1

I hopped out and rode with O.J,

rode the whole day

He told me caught Nicole and Ron Gold during four play

Killed'em both 

and throwed away 

the bloody glove in an old lake

I ain't sayin' he shoulda' killed her, but I understand...

Picture your broad riding in your car with another man

You giving your diesel

she blowing a hundred grand

Going shopping, 

call Cochran 

tell Cato to take the stand....

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