Say Anything & the So So Glos at Warehouse Live, 6/15/14

Photos by Violeta Alvarez
The So So Glos
Say Anything, You Blew It!, the So So Glos, The Front Bottoms
Warehouse Live
June 15, 2014

Sunday night my DeLorean took me straight back to 2006, and drove 88 miles per hour to Warehouse Live's four-band showcase starring Say Anything. Despite never having been a particularly rabid fan of the headliners, I'd listened to a good handful of their songs: they were always associated with bands I loved back when the Warped Tour was still the biggest highlight of the summer. Even so, nothing they did ever particularly grabbed me with the exception of 2012's "Burn a Miracle."

Sunday night's show was an experience that didn't necessarily change my feelings toward Say Anything, but at least I know why: I have no particular connection with this band because they never "got" to me in the way that others of the time did. Post pop-punk emo is successful when it taps into its audience's own thoughts and emotions (read: it's called emo for a reason). If a listener connects with the lyrics, it becomes a personal experience; if not, it all pretty much sounds exactly the same.

Typical of an all-ages concert such as one, four bands filled out the show. Openers You Blew It! sounded like a million other bands I've heard a million other times, with nothing particularly unique about their music. Worse, the backdrop for their entire performance was for the band playing third. Maybe it couldn't have been helped, but misinforming your audience about your name is likely not the best way to be memorable.

Brooklyn-based the So So Glos -- truth be told, the reason I wanted to attend -- occupied the second slot. Since first seeing them at SXSW more than five years ago, this band has consistently impressed me with fresh music and an engaging stage show. Smartly changing the backdrop before beginning their set, the band was immediately able to command the audience.

The So So Glos seemed slightly matched on this tour; compared to the other acts, they are far less emo. The Glos blend NYC '70s punk with almost a British mod attitude and current-day stylistic choices tho create a fresh approach to punk rock. In short, I would listen to that shit in my car any day of the week.

Next up was the Front Bottoms. The singer had a much stronger voice than You Blew It!, infused with almost a singer-songwriter quality that gave them more of a unique edge. Lyrically, this band has a lot of interesting things to say.

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Mike Damante
Mike Damante

should lead with headliners, and then talk about opening bands in descending order. ...

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