39 Annoying Things Local Bands Do: A Rebuttal

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17. Bands who pester you to book their band's "side-project". Side-project is another name for self-indulgent crap so embarrassingly bad they can't dignify it with a name and gives them a cover why none of their friends will come see them "perform". (Would you go see your friend masturbate if they asked you to come watch?). Note to bands: think of your side-project as a project never to get booked again.

Saying this without listening to the band makes you sound like a moron. Plenty of good musicians have side projects that are equally as interesting and sometimes even better than the primary band. Try getting a demo or checking out a live show before you decide it is the equivalent of masturbation. And, gross.

22. Band members that ask 10 times throughout the night for a water or soda (usually in a nasally whining voice). Typically this occurs when your in the middle of doing something important like counting down the drawer or dealing with actual paying customers. They usually like to precede their requests with a "Do you think its possible I could get a...." etc. etc. We feel like responding "Do you think it's possible you could shut the fuck up and go away?".

Oh, yeah, pouring someone a soda is SUCH difficult work for you back there. Look, since most of us KNOW we aren't getting anything besides soda or water, how about just providing it without being a dick? Frankly, since you probably pay your bands the same wage bands were getting paid like 20 years ago (seems standard practice), the least -- and I mean literally the least -- you could do is give them some water. What is this, freaking ancient Egypt?

24. Bands that leave gear behind. This happens at least several times each week and then we get the deluge of frantic phone calls in the following days about have you seen this or that piece of equipment and on the phone act like we should know where their stuff is. Its amazing how something that is so important to them the next day gets so carelessly left behind the night before. We're the Creepy Crawl, not Bob's Nightclub and Repository of Leftover Band Shit. Keep track of your shit and take it with you when you leave!

Well, sure, because you've never left your cell phone or a credit card at a bar when you left, right? Listen Señor Perfecto, shit happens. No one WANTS to leave gear at your hole in the wall, but sometimes, usually in the rush to get out of there after last call when every drunk in the place won't move 10 inches out of the way while I'm carrying a 100-pound amp, something gets left behind. No one is saying you have to check for us, but don't be a dick when we are worried? Just help a brother or sister out.

30. Bands that bitch and beg to play a longer 45-50 minute set. They do this knowing everyone else only gets a 1/2-hour slot.

This is all I need to know about your "club." If you are cramming bands into 30-minute sets, that tells me you are trying to force feed your audience like 10 or 12 bands per night. I'm guessing you sell tickets to your bands and say they can have one dollar back for every ticket they sell too? Way to prey on the kiddos, big boy.

39. Bands that read this list and then send us emails like this one:
"dont take this the wrong way i am just a guitar player but ur annoying list was some what funny, but it makes u guys seem like a bunch of pricks u would not have ur joint with out the annoying bands. i frequent ur place when my friends play but if u dont treat the bands that deserve respect with respect they will not play shows and tell others and so on and so forth just a little concernced."

Well, this is just fucking true, text-speak notwithstanding.


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Brady T Holder
Brady T Holder

Creepy Crawl was a great venue! Also as a promoter I've had the pizza thing happen to me. Kinda pissed me off.

Billy Munoz
Billy Munoz

Nice I use to work at The Whiskey A GoGo sure do miss that place.

Nosa Edebor
Nosa Edebor

is it bad that i felt some satisfaction when i googled this place to find out it closed some years ago?

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