Nine Bands Named After Songs by Other Bands

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We here at Rocks Off spend a lot of time thinking about band names. It's one of the most important things about a band, because it's the face of your brand. After all, a metal band is not going to get off the ground if it's named after a My Little Pony character. Once upon a time, you were doomed to failure if your name was too offensive to be sold in stores.

So once again we turn to the inspiration behind band names, and take a look at some who decided to name themselves after their favorite songs by other bands. After all, if it was a badass song, there's no reason it can't be a badass band too.

For the last 22 years, Boris have been at the forefront of experimental metal, turning out album after album of straight rocking badass shit on one extreme to lengthy drone recordings with Merzbow and Sunn O))) on the other. But no, they are not named after Boris Karloff or even Boris Yeltsin (that's a different band). The Japanese metallers actually took their name from a song by the Melvins.

Best known for dominating the alt rock airwaves in the mid-2000s, Seether was originally known as Saron Gas. Just speaking personally, that name evokes something a little bit heavier than the post-grunge that is Seether's stock and trade. So they changed it before they ever gained any mainstream popularity, taking on the name of the Veruca Salt classic. Years later, they ended up covering the song themselves.

At the Drive-In
Shocking as it is to hear that the seminal post-hardcore/emo heroes would even listen to Poison, much less name their band after one of the '80s glam-metallers' songs, they did. At the Drive-In springs from the chorus of Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me," which goes "cause baby we'll be/ At the drive-in/ In the old man's Ford/ Behind the bushes/ 'Til I'm screamin' for more."

Funeral for a Friend
Amazingly enough, these guys did not take their name from the more famous Elton John song like you might think. Their name actually came from a fellow post-hardcore band, Planes Mistaken for Stars, and their same-titled song.

Texas is the Reason
Legendary emo bands often got their names from their predecessors, and Texas is the Reason was no exception. Though their music sounded nothing like the Misfits, they took their name from "Bullet," which contains the lyrics "Texas is the reason that the president's dead."

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Caleb Fraid
Caleb Fraid

Driver 8. never heard 'em but i seen that it exists out there in the half price books clearance racks.


don't forget shakespeare's sister or girl in coma


yep, Godsmack was a Alice in Chains song off the Dirt album, they acknowledge that is how they got the name.

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