The Rocks Off 200: Nick Greer, a G Among G's

Photos by Marco Torres
Who? Nick Greer, the bespectacled, shaggy-haired front man of Nick Greer and the G's describes himself as a self-taught keyboard player who genuinely loves his instrument and is always ready and willing to learn more. As a kid, the brand-new multiple 2014 Houston Press Music Award nominee suffered with severe asthma, and spent many nights in the hospital. One such night, around Christmastime, his mother got him a keyboard.

He fell in love instantly.

Home Base?: "My whole life pretty much resides on 20th Street in the Heights," Greer tells us. He works and records at Wire Road Studios (901 W. 20th) and has a residency his seven-piece band has a Thursday night residency at the Corkscrew (1308 W. 20th).

Why Do You Stay In Houston? In his own words:

I've been given the opportunity to represent the city and put out something that will help Houston get recognition for something other than rap. I have been here my whole life [and] moved away a few times, but this is my home.

I've worked very hard, but my success would never have been possible without the help of Houstonians like James Kelley, Andrew Adams, Mike Ballantine, and a few more. I feel like they deserve my best because they have opened their arms to me and they believe in me, so I strive to be the best.

Houston is a huge fucking town, so it's been quite a feat, but I'm very confident in this new body of work and I'm hoping for the best.

Good War Story: Crazy times in El Paso:

Strangely enough, when I was 17, I was booked on this Texas Metal Festival. Amongst the bands performing were included Project X, Seether and Powerman 5000, so we play our set, getting the shit booed out of us, and I start having a terrible asthma attack. Instead of stopping, we just kept playing. Wrong move...

By the last song, I could barely catch my breath and began to black out. We finished, and right at the last note, I collapsed. I was taken offstage in a stretcher, put in an ambulance, and taken away, as dramatic as it sounds.

It was an easy fix, nothing Albuterol and Atrovent couldn't resolve, and I was back in my dressing room within three hours of hitting the ground, just in time to see Powerman 5000 completely trash the room and offer me a beer while still on oxygen. I did not accept the beer, but very much appreciated the sentiment.

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