Five Badass Things You Didn't Know About Kenny G

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2. Dave Mustaine is His Friend and Compared Him to Yngwie Malmsteen
Though the band has made some...unfortunate decisions over the years, it's hard to argue with the premise that Megadeth is metal as fuck. Even when they aren't, they are. And you know who Dave Mustaine really likes? Kenny G.

No kidding. Though Mustaine isn't really a smooth-jazz fan, he respects the hell out of Gorelick and is a fairly close friends with him. In a Fuse interview last year. Mustaine called Gorelick the Yngwie Malmsteen of his instrument. Being called the Yngwie Malmsteen of anything is pretty much the most metal thing ever.

1. He Shot Tommy Guns With the Secret Service
Now, this one comes from Pop Bitch and I haven't been able to corroborate it anywhere else, so you've got to take it with a grain of salt. Hopefully by this point you can see why I totally believe it, though.

In 1993, Kenny G was invited to perform at Bill Clinton's inauguration. That's not surprising; Clinton is a fan, and the two have even jammed together on occasion. What is surprising is that, according to Pop Bitch, Kenny G was invited to go to the FBI gun range with Secret Service members and shoot guns until it was time to perform. Supposedly his favorite weapon to fire was a 1930 Tommy Gun with a 50-round drum magazine.

So to sum up...Kenny G is a professional-level athlete and pilot who hangs out with presidents and Dave Mustaine, has breath control that would put Aquaman to shame, and knows how to handle the same armaments as Al Capone. Plus he's super-rich and famous. Oh, and guys? Here's the really bad news for those of you hoping to hang onto your wives and girlfriends.

He's single now.

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One of the nicest guys I have ever met! 


He's an arrogant asshole and his hair is matted.  I met him several times throughout the years.  He plays a mean sax though, I'll give him that.


There is nothing badass about Kenny G.


Haha, he doesn't sell those posters at his shows, but give the veracity of the crowd I saw that night at the Arena Theatre when I reviewed the show, he probably should.

Mr. G also had a strong handshake.

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