Mixtape Monday: Post-FPSF Edition

Envy Hunter, "Still I Rise"
The first thing you're going to think about watching Envy Hunter's "Still I Rise" video is how often you have ever found yourself praying to 2Pac to make things better. The second? How many murals of 2Pac actually exist on Earth? 20? 40? Is 2Pac going to be at the ceremonial opening tap of the 2014 World Cup? These are things that need answers.

Actually, "Still I Rise" is one of the pivotal moments of Envy's Patiently Waiting project from earlier this year. It's humanizing a person who gave up football dreams due to injury to become a hulking rapper with a slice of menace. This is a perfect representation of that.

Yves, "BLUR"
Deal with this: the last time you had a drunken night, there probably wasn't a model sprawled out and writhing on your couch. We all can't be Yves, Houston's resident rapping Niceguy and owner of a fine damn EP with Sincerely, Yves. He's also one of those rappers you have to, and I mean have to look out for.

Doughbeezy, "Bumpin"
This only lasts a minute, in all of its crime-caper/Christopher-Nolan-meets-Belly glory, but there's a LOT to swallow. First, it's the first video from Doughbeezy's Footprints On the Moon, still the best local rap project of the year so far. Second, its Dough's first collab with Evesborough Films, the outfit that has consistently given us memorable local visuals from their own Alief-to-Houston to-NYC family.

Third, Dough also shot a video for "I'm From Texas" where everyone was asked to wear some sort of gear affiliated with Texas sports. There was fire, and it looked like Mad Max on 22-inch rims. Glory, glory hallelujah.


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