Let's Hear It for the Ladies of Houston Punk

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Women became integral to seminal acts such as Bevatron, Legionaire's Disease, MyDolls, the Derailers, Ghetto Blasters, and AK-47. Linda Younger of MyDolls likens the eruption of her own band to "a perfect storm...we were friends with several great Houston and Austin punk bands who supported us completely and kind of adopted us as their sister band(s), inviting us to open for them and even go on tour with them. There was social unrest and frustration."

"We wanted a way to express that angst by writing our own lyrics and music, not performing cover versions of what others wrote. The result was music that was not the typical punk rock of the day," continues Younger. "The title of our EP describes our approach: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick."

Later, as hardcore began to channel punk into the narrower straits of the hard-tough-fast amalgam, some women did tend to steer away from the mosh-pit mentalities while others embraced anything-goes noise, melodic punk-pop, psychedelic, metallic grunge, and post-hardcore throughout the diverse 1980s and '90s, like Rusted Shut, de Schmog, Pain Teens, Stinkerbell, Manhole, and Sad Pygmy.

Uber-fans like Kathy Kowgirl seemed to straddle every era: she walked the crooked path from the Big Boys and Hickoids to White Zombie, always the epitome of urban cool.

Come back for Part 2 Thursday.


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My late wife Alex (singer of Monster Zero) was very influential to the scene, though she was told everyone hated her. For that reason alone she should be noted.


Hi!  Where can I find Part2?  I lived in Houston during the 80's...hung out at the Rocksy, Numbers, Fitzgeralds...all the Punk/New wave Clubs up until 1984.  Oh and I made a New Wave vid back in the day by the name Teai Benet 2:00 Love.

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