Failure at House of Blues, 6/11/2014

As Failure unleashed space-grunge gems like "Solaris" and "Stuck On You," it was as if a '90s time capsule had been opened, offering the chance to slip back into a time when guitars still roamed the earth. The band showed a few signs of age, sure -- Andrews wore an elbow brace on his strumming arm -- but there was no hint of rust. Failure sounded tight, engaged and professional.

It wasn't all nostalgia, either. During the encore, Failure unveiled a punchy, upbeat new tune called "The Focus" that was received with much intrigued chin-scratching from the audience. Fans seemed almost taken back a bit by the prospect of new Failure; the band had been seemingly frozen in amber for so long that the concept took a few minutes to grow on people.

But they cheered when the song was over, and they cheered even louder when Andrews told them that it was but a sample of what should soon be an entire new album from the group.

Another set, another tease from Failure. By the look and sound of things on Wednesday, though, the band appears to be back for good, and better than ever to boot. Maybe 17 years isn't really as long as it seems.

Personal Bias: I <3 the '90s!

The Crowd: 30-plus and happy.

Overheard In the Crowd: "That's, like, the 7th best song in the world. Maybe the first."

Random Notebook Dump: Loved getting out at 10:30 on a Wednesday. More touring acts with 3-plus albums under their belts should take a cue from Failure.


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Location Info

House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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Jeff Key
Jeff Key

Can't wait to see them at FFF!

Bill Curtner
Bill Curtner

Excellent review of an awesome show. I agree more aging alternative acts should take their cue. The opening short film was a nice touch as well. Downside: smelly people.


Potentially one of the best shows I've seen this year.


What a great show! Stoked I got the chance to see them...

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